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The Victorian Premier’s Unpublished Manuscript Award is a literary award for an unpublished manuscript. It can be entered by any author from the Australian State of Victoria that has not published a project based on fiction.

The Award was established by the State Library of Australia in 2003. In 2011 administration of the Victorian Premier's Literary Awards changed to the Wheeler Centre. As of 2017 is valued at A$15,000.[1]

Winners and Shortlisted by year[edit]

  • 2019 Winner: Victoria Hannan — Kokomo. Shortlisted: John Byron — Wedding Cake Island; Wayne Marshall — Frontier Sport[2]
  • 2017 Winner: Christian White — Decay Theory. Shortlisted: Kaz Kilmore-Barrymore — Truth Untold; Laura Stortenbeker — Low Light. Commended: Terry Donnelly — Hey Luna and Other Stories; R.W.R. McDonald — The Nancys.[3]
  • 2016 Winner: Melanie Cheng — Australia Day. Shortlisted: Jay Carmichael — Ironbark; Susan Johnston — Wildgirl. Commended: Jacquie Byron — Trouble Sleeping; Chris Quigley — Failed Manhood; Mark Brandi — To Skin a Rabbit (published as Wimmera).[4]
  • 2015 Winner: Jane Harper — The Dry. Shortlisted: Jim McIntyre — Nikolai the Perfect; Michelle Wright — Fine. Commended: Alice Bishop — A Constant Hum; Lucinda Berg — The Kafka Papers: the Revised Memoirs of Max Brod; Kerry Munnery — Unhomely Places; Chris Mooney-Singh — Foreign Madam and the White Yogi; Imbi Neeme — The Hidden Drawer.[5]
  • 2014 Winner: Miles Allinson – Fever of Animals. Shortlisted: Jennifer Down – Our Magic Hour; JM Green – Good Money. Commended: Jane Abbott – Watershed; Caitlin Crowley – Headland; Genevieve Poetka – Winter Traffic; Zoe Morrison – Some Thoughts on Music and Freedom (published as Music and Freedom), Victoria Osborne – Man of Clay; Yannick Thoraval – The Current.[6]
  • 2013 Winner: Maxine Beneba Clarke – Foreign Soil. Shortlisted: Naomi Bailey – A Field Guide to Birdwatching in Bad Weather; Emily Bitto – The Strays, Highly Commended: Kirsten Alexander– Dreams; Beverly Almeida– Hijrotic; Matt Davies– Fire and Icecream; Leah De Forest– The Borrowed River; Vince Leigh– Baroque Days; Stuart McCullough– Goodsir [7]
  • 2012 Winner: Graeme Simsion — The Rosie Project. Shortlisted: Rose Mulready — The Day We Lost The Moon; Stephen Samuel — Strange Eventful History. Honorable Mention: Clive Wansbrough — The Twoway Boy.[8]
  • 2011: No award due to change in timing.
  • 2010 Winner: Peggy Frew — House of Sticks. Shortlisted: Michelle Aung Thin — Winsome of Rangoon (published as The Monsoon Bride); Andrew Nette — Cambodia Darkness and Light.[9]
  • 2009 Winner: Amy Espeseth — Sufficient Grace. Shortlisted: Catherine Harris — Like Being a Wife; Lisa Jacobson — The Sunlit Zone.[10]
  • 2008 Winner: Mandy Maroney — Going Finish. Shortlisted: Daniel Ducrou — Conditions of Return; Robert Power — In Search of the Blue Tiger.[11]
  • 2007 Winner: Nick Gadd — The Ghost Writer.[12]
  • 2006 Winner: Andrew HutchinsonRohypnol.[13]
  • 2005 Winner: Peter Barry — I Hate Martin Amis et al.[14]
  • 2004 Winner: Angela SavageThai Died.
  • 2003 Winner: Carrie TiffanyEveryman's Rules for Scientific Living.[15]


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