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The Victorian Premier's Prize for Poetry, formerly known as the C. J. Dennis Prize for Poetry, is a prize category in the annual Victorian Premier's Literary Award. As of 2011 it has an enumeration of A$25,000. The winner of this category prize vies with 4 other category winners for overall Victorian Prize for Literature valued at an additional A$100,000.

The prize was formerly known as the C. J. Dennis Prize for Poetry from inception until 2010, when the awards were re-established under the stewardship of the Wheeler Centre and restarted with new prize amounts and a new name. It was named after the early twentieth century vernacular poet C. J. Dennis.

Victorian Premier's Prize for Poetry[edit]

Blue ribbon (Blue ribbon) = winner.

C. J. Dennis Prize for Poetry (inactive)[edit]

This award is no longer active. It was renamed in 2011 to Victorian Premier's Prize for Poetry (see above).









Before 2003[edit]

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