Victory (University of Dayton fight song)

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"Victory" is the copyrighted name[1] for the fight song of the athletic teams of the University of Dayton. The song was written in 1922, with music by 1924 alumnus Anthony McCarthy, and lyrics by McCarthy and 1922 alumnus D. Herbert Abel.

The lyrics described are those listed by the university's Athletics Department.[2] However, UD's student handbook, with data from its alumni website, gives a variation on the second phrase of the chorus ("We never have been beaten yet") instead of "Our banner's proudly waving yet."[1] Current tradition ends the fight song with a chanted cheer as shown.


Come and let your voices ring clear,
Come to sing your praises and cheer,
While our team's beating
And we're repeating
That "We're for, U. of D."


We're gonna win this game, you bet.
Our banner's proudly waving yet.
You have a great big name,
But to us you're the same
As all the other teams that we play
Oh! when we do,
(Oh! When we do),
Oh! When we do,
(Oh! When we do),
We're gonna make your team feel blue,
For every victory brings its fame, you see,
To dear old U. of D.


"D - A - Y"  "T - O - N"
"F - L - Y"  "E - R - S"
"Day - ton"  "Fly - ers"
"Go U.D.!"


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