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Victory Christian Fellowship of the Philippines, Inc.
Victory Christian Fellowship.png
Honor God, Make Disciples
Location32nd Street corner University Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
DenominationEvery Nation
Membership110,000 (2015)
Former name(s)Victory Christian Fellowship, VCF, Victory Church
Founder(s)Steve and Deborah Murrell
Functional statusActive

Victory Christian Fellowship of the Philippines, Inc. is an evangelical Protestant church based in the Philippines. It is a member of Every Nation, with churches and campus ministries in over eighty nations.[1]


Victory was started by Steve and Deborah Murrell, who came to the Philippines in 1984 together with Rice Broocks and 65 other American university students on a one-month summer mission trip.[2] Since 1984, Victory has grown until it presently has churches in 60 Philippine cities.[3]

In 2015, Victory's Metro Manila church drew some 65,000 persons across 15 congregations, all with multiple services and locations, and many offering more than one language (English).[4] Each location has multiple preachers.[5] The church has multiple locations and holds 94 services every weekend, each of them led by live preaching, training Filipinos to reach their cities, the nation, and the world.[6] Over 10,000 leaders conduct small weekly discipleship groups.[7]

Discipleship and leadership training process[edit]

Since its inception in 1984, church members are equipped to compassionately engage communities, intentionally establish biblical foundations, strategically equip believers, and continually empower disciples.[8] Its primary vehicle for discipleship is the Victory group, a small group of people who get together, build relationships, and study the Bible.[9][10][11][12]

Victory Worship[edit]

In 2014, Victory Worship released its first live worship album, Radical Love.[13][14] Radical Love and its 2015 follow-up, Rise Heart, were certified Gold by the Philippine Association of the Record Industry, Inc. (PARI).[15] On March 25, 2017, the group released Awit ng Bayan, its first full Filipino-language single; on June 1, 2017, Safe, its latest digital single, was released to radio and on digital formats.[16] An extended play, For Your Purpose, was released on December 1, 2017. On March 16, 2018, it released its latest extended play, In Your Name.


Victory, as a member of Every Nation, adheres to the statement of faith of the World Evangelical Alliance,[17] of which Every Nation is a member. Victory is also a member of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches, and thus adheres to the council's statement of faith.[18]

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