Victory Bridge (Florida)

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Old and new Victory Bridges, with Jim Woodruff Dam in the background

The Victory Bridge carries U.S. Route 90 (US 90) over the floodplain of the Apalachicola River in the Florida Panhandle, immediately below the Jim Woodruff Dam. It was originally built by the Masters and Mullen Construction Company out of Cleveland (Henry C. Masters and Claude F. Mullen). The original Victory Bridge, completed in 1922 at a cost of $1 million USD,[1] is no longer used, having been replaced in 1994-1996[2] by a high-level bridge slightly upstream that carries the same name.

The old Victory Bridge.
Center line on U.S. Route 90.

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Coordinates: 30°42′04″N 84°51′33″W / 30.701134°N 84.85908°W / 30.701134; -84.85908