Rural Municipality of Victory No. 226

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RM Victory No. 226
Rural Municipality
Rural Municipality of Victory No. 226 is located in Saskatchewan
Rural Municipality of Victory No. 226
Location of Victory No. 226 in Saskatchewan
Coordinates: 50°43′24″N 107°29′42″W / 50.72333°N 107.49500°W / 50.72333; -107.49500Coordinates: 50°43′24″N 107°29′42″W / 50.72333°N 107.49500°W / 50.72333; -107.49500
Country Canada
Province Saskatchewan
Census division No. 7
Settled Early 1900s
 • Reeve Wes Jansen
 • Councilors Leah Ringrose
Mathew Hanke
Lynn Conner
Donald Shirtliff
Lyle Slater
 • Total 1,375.44 km2 (531.06 sq mi)
Population (2006)
 • Total 428
  Down from 474 (-9.7%) in 2001
Time zone CST (UTC-6)

Victory No. 226 is a rural municipality in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. It was settled around 1908 by pioneer farming settlers. Victory No. 226 is primarily a grain farming area, although some farmers keep livestock as well. RM Victory No. 226 includes the village of Beechy and hamlet of Demaine. It is located in Saskatchewan's Census Division No. 7. Like many rural communities in Saskatchewan, the last few decades have featured population decline as residents leave for larger towns and cities such as Saskatoon, Regina, Moose Jaw and Swift Current.

Pioneer history[edit]

The first settlers to the Victory No. 226 area came in the early 1900s. The hamlet of Demaine was established by the summer of 1908 by a band of settlers who hauled supplies from the Riverhurst area to the east, and across the South Saskatchewan River. Originally all supplies had to be moved from other areas as the settlements were being established.

As with current life in rural municipality the first settlers to the area were farmers who began to grow grain. They farmed with teams of oxen and mules prior to the invention of modern-day farming machinery.

Eventually two larger settlements were established. These turned into the village of Beechy and the hamlet of Demaine.


Victory No. 226 is bordered by King George No. 256 in the north, Canaan No. 225 in the east, Lake Diefenbaker, which is part of the South Saskatchewan River in the south, and Lacadena No. 228 in the west. With wide open spaces and small rolling hills the land of Victory No. 226 comprises fertile soil perfect for grain farming. Naturally, much of the landscape is covered by grain farming operations.

The rural municipality follows the typical climate and weather patterns of the southern half of Saskatchewan by having harsh, dry cold winters, and warm summers.

Victory No. 226 today[edit]

The population of Victory No. 226 is steadily declining as residents move to the larger city centers such as Regina, Saskatoon, and Swift Current. The area is still primarily used for grain farming, but as this career was not as lucrative as it once was, residents have been moving and seeking other careers.

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