Victory Soya Mills Silos

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The now derelict Victory Soya Mills Silos

Victory Soya Mills Silos in the east end of Toronto's harbourfront is one of the two remaining silos from Toronto's industrial port era.

Active Use[edit]

The silos were built for E.P. Taylor's Sunsoy Products company in 1943 to house the soybeans used by a large plant that reprocessed the soy for a variety of purposes (pet food, animal feed, vegetable oils, etc...).

Sunsoy was renamed as Victoria Mills in 1946, hence the mill's name. In 1954 the mills were sold to Procter & Gamble and named Victory Soya Mills' and then by Central Soy Incorporated in 1980 and renamed Central Soya Mills in the 1980s. Sorting silos along the east side Parliament Slip, the tall headhouse tower, and other structures were demolished in 1996, leaving the remaining silos in place.

Closure and Future[edit]

The silos cease operating in 1991 and it has become a temporary home for the homeless and abandoned since the 1980s.

Although a heritage site, there are no plans to renovate or reuse the building. The buildings are located in the planned Keating Channel Precinct residential neighbourhood[1] as well as the planned Quayside, Toronto development which will occupy the site next to the silos.

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