Victory and Peace

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Victory and Peace
Directed by Herbert Brenon
Written by Hall Caine
Starring Matheson Lang
Marie Lohr
James Carew
Ellen Terry
Distributed by National War Aims Committee
Release date
December 1918
Country United Kingdom
Language Silent
English intertitles

Victory and Peace is a 1918 British silent war film directed by Herbert Brenon and starring Matheson Lang, Marie Lohr and James Carew. The film was produced by the National War Aims Committee for propaganda reasons during the First World War. The screenplay was written by the novelist Hall Caine, who was personally invited to do so by the Prime Minister David Lloyd George. Because the war ended, the film never went on general release. It is a partially lost film, with only around 1,000 feet of film still surviving.[1] Its alternative title is The Invasion of Britain.



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