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Vid or VID may refer to:

In linguistics[edit]

In mythology[edit]

  • Vid or Svetovid (Svantovid), a Slavic god that is the origin of various Slavic toponyms
  • Víd, one of the Élivágar rivers in Norse mythology

In geography[edit]

  • Vit, a river in Bulgaria
  • Vid, Croatia, a small settlement and archeological site near Metković
  • Vid, Hungary, a village near Veszprém

In science[edit]

In technology[edit]

  • Voltage Identification Digital, a digital specification for output voltages
  • Video Identifier, a little text that pops up with recognized product name
  • Logitech Vid, a VoIP service based on SightSpeed
  • VLAN Identifier, a data field in IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging
  • slang for video or videotape
  • Vendor Identification, a hexadecimal identifier used on most devices with a USB connection which uniquely identifies what manufacturer/vendor produced it

In business[edit]

  • Grupo Editorial Vid, a publishing group from Mexico
  • VID (company), a television company in Russia
  • VID, "Virtual Instrument Desktop", data acquisition and control SCADA software from Codemachine Ltd.
  • VID, a video production company in Vancouver