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VidPon logo
Web address
Type of site
Electronic commerce
Available in English
Owner VidPon LLC
Created by Scott Perreault
Launched 2010
Alexa rank
negative increase 16,225,926 (March 2014)[1]
Current status Active

VidPon is the first[2] a daily deals website that displays deals and coupons through videos.


VidPon was created in October 2010. In January 2012, VidPon was organized by a group of investors and formed the parent company VidPon LLC.[3] VidPon LLC is a Minnesota Limited Liability Company.The company's first major application was the digital video coupon book. This was the first attempt by any US company to offer local merchants a mobile coupon marketing tool enhanced with videos of their business, sale items or special event. Later, Vidpon released Apps for easy access and gps enhanced location detection. In 2013 the company prepares to launch the first video daily deals[4] revitalizing the profitability of daily deals sector from their California office.

VidPon targets thirty United States cities and expanding.[5]


Business model[edit]

VidPon (a portmanteau derived from "video coupon") is both the next generation of "daily deal" coupon discounts and mobile coupons enhanced by video. VidPon was created to provide service for small businesses with under ten locations. VidPon creates an individual web page for each merchant that is designed for mobile technology. VidPon is environmentally friendly because no printing is allowed. VidPon Daily Deal™ Tickets (8) or mobile coupons can only be redeemed via a smartphone or mobile Internet device.

VidPon video daily deals differ from earlier daily deals like Groupon or LivingSocial in that consumers can only learn of the daily deal by watching a video. The daily deal is not displayed in text form. The video is delivered to demographic-specific consumers within targeted cities via email, the VidPon App, social media (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.) and micro-targeted local cable television. To redeem, consumers can display their VidPon Daily Deal Ticket located on their VidPon account page via a web browser on their smartphone or mobile Internet device or by downloading the VidPon® app on their Android, iPhone or iPad.

VidPon mobile coupons differ from coupons that are viewable on a mobile device with the addition of video. Merchants upload a coupon discount and have the option of uploading a video to display their business, current sale or special event. VidPon mobile coupon service is free for all local or small businesses who reside in the cities where VidPon mobile coupons are offered. Upon registration, a merchant receives a smartphone/mobile Internet device-optimized web page where they post a coupon discount and video of their business. Over 75% of businesses do not have a mobile-optimized website,[6] while 62% of mobile users 25-34 own a smartphone.[7] One of the benefits of digital technology is the elimination of lost, forgotten or expired coupons. Both the coupon offering and the expiration date on VidPon digital coupons can be changed anytime. The VidPon trademark is owned by VidPon LLC.[8]

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