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Vidataltivu is located in Sri Lanka
Coordinates: 9°00′54″N 80°03′00″E / 9.01500°N 80.05000°E / 9.01500; 80.05000
Country Sri Lanka
Province Northern
District Mannar
DS Division Manthai West
Time zone Sri Lanka Standard Time Zone (UTC+5:30)
 • Summer (DST) Summer time (UTC+6)

Vidataltivu Tamil: விடத்தல் தீவு) is a coastal town in the Mannar District of northern Sri was the base to control mannar coastal by sea tigers of LTTE. Vidataltivu is the biggest town situated on Sri Lanka's Northern coast and was the major base of the Sea Tigers. the Sri Lankan military claimed to have captured this coastal town for the first time since the IPKF left Sri Lanka in 1990.[1][2]

Vidataltivu St James Church is one of the biggest church in Mannar Diocese . It has a history of more than 400 years.Now also there are some ancient materials inside the church boundary which were protected and maintained by the very people who live in the suburb.Now the Church is being reconstructed by the village people.

And there is another church called St Mary Church was founded on 1918. Now there are two churches worshiped by the people.


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hindu temple[edit]

  • pillaiyar temple

muslim temple[edit]

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Coordinates: 9°00′54″N 80°03′00″E / 9.015°N 80.050°E / 9.015; 80.050Template:Northern-geo-stub