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Videntifier Technologies
Private company
Industry Software, computer security, security software
Founded Reykjavík, 2007
Headquarters Reykjavík (Iceland)
Key people

Cloud Cleanup Content verifier for copyright protection VUI (Videntifier User Interface)

Videntify API
Number of employees

Videntifier, is an Icelandic software company which has developed a method to quickly identify videos and images in an automatic manner. Videntifier's patented technology can store the fingerprints of enormous amounts of video content and images, and can identify any of the reference material within seconds. Usually a single frame is enough to identify the entire video.

Currently the company is headquartered in Reykjavik (Iceland) and has offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA, and Shanghai, China.


Videntifier Technologies was founded in September 2007 and provides technology to search and track vast amounts of multimedia data in an efficient manner. Previously, the company has focused on providing services for police departments engaged in locating illegal images and videos on seized computers.

The company has its roots in the database laboratories of Reykjavik University and, later, it has opened a secondary lab in IRISA-CNRS, Rennes.

In 2005, Videntifier Technologies received one of the top prizes in the Austrian Genius competition for the "best business idea of 2008" and for the "innovation award 2008".

In 2008, Videntifier Technologies received the Golden Egg Award for the best new business idea in Iceland.

In 2013, Videntifier Technologies signed an agreement with the Interpol to provide advanced imaging technology in the effort against child pornography.[1]

Currently, the Videntifier database contains fingerprints from more than 100.000 hours of the most popular video material.


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