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Industry Surveillance, Software
Founded 2006
Headquarters Herzliya, Israel
Key people
Stuart Steinberg (CEO)
Products WebVR

VideoCells Ltd. is a privately held, start-up, software company in the surveillance industry, headquartered in Herzliya, Israel. It specializes in developing live and recorded video viewing, storage and retrieval solutions focusing on the mass surveillance and video monitoring markets.

The company is known for its primary product, a cloud computing, online surveillance video platform called WebVR. It includes advanced video viewing, recording, storage, retrieval, and maintenance capabilities. VideoCells is one of the few independent developers of a video surveillance solution that uses cloud architecture.

VideoCells' customers include telcos,[1] ISPs, security monitoring/alarm response companies, and other entities such as online mobile communities.[2]

The company was founded in 2006 by Menachem Schwartz and Jean Pierre Layani and originally managed by Eran Yarom. Since November 2008, VideoCells has been under the leadership of Stuart Steinberg, its CEO.[3]

Primary product[edit]

WebVR is a patent-pending[4] platform designed to intelligently manage, store, and distribute video content over the Internet. WebVR was developed over a period of three years by a team of experts in the fields of video, communications, and storage. Its capabilities include mass storage; retrieval of video from various sources; and transcoding and distribution (video streaming) to multiple device types, including PCs, PDAs, and mobile browsers. In addition, WebVR can alert subscribers if events such as motion detection and line crossing are recorded by a video camera. The alerts are sent to subscribers by SMS or email.

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