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Videojug Corporation Ltd.
Type of business Privately Owned Limited Company
Type of site Instructional
Available in multilingual
Founded 13 August 2006
Headquarters Central London, London, UK
Owner Private shareholders
Key people Nina Harrison-Bell; Nick McAlpine
Revenue £1.5m
Employees 15
Slogan(s) Get Good At Life.
Alexa rank Negative increase 16,475 (April 2014)[1]
Advertising MPUs, post-roll video advertisements and bespoke sponsorships
Registration Optional
(required to comment)
Launched 2006
Current status active

Videojug is an owner of various lifestyle video websites including Scoff (food); Pose (beauty), Brideas (weddings), Deco Bliss (home decor) and Quipstar (comedy). The group owns a parallel subsidiary, Videojug Networks (, providing corporate and brand video services. Clients include Marks & Spencer; the NHS and numerous financial institutions in the UK and internationally.

It launched as a beta online in 2006. The website provides both professionally made how-to videos produced internally,[2] as well as some editorially selected quality videos produced by amateurs.[3]

The company originally produced videos in Spain and London and in 2006 opened studios in Santa Monica (Los Angeles) in the USA. As of January 2012, the company was based near Kings Cross in London. The website was founded by David Tabizel, Dan Thompson, who had previously been CEO of 365 Corporation and Renegade Software as well as Hans Stocker Durlacher Corporation and Rupert Ashe (CEO Focus Communications).

Since being founded, the business has raised more than $30m in equity financing.[4]

In 2015 it underwent a restructuring, culminating in its acquisition of the film and online assets of Bladonmore in September. Richard Rivlin, founder of Bladonmore became Chairman of Videojug. Nina-Harrison Bell was subsequently appointed as CEO of Videojug Networks. Other board members include Nicholas McAlpine.

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