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The VideoNow is a video player designed for children and distributed by Hasbro through its Tiger Electronics subsidiary, also responsible for multiple LCD games, the R-zone and the, in 2003. It operates using unusually sized 4" (108mm) PVD Discs. The discs allow for about 30 minutes (half an hour) of video, which is an average length of a television show episode with commercials included. Video data is stored on the left audio channel with mono audio on the right channel. The video plays at about 15 frames per second. It was originally released with a black and white format with no backlight, but was soon updated to the VideoNow Color. Game-playing functionality was added with the VideoNow XP, but abandoned with the most recent line, VideoNow Color FX. Most of the shows were from Nickelodeon, such as SpongeBob SquarePants and The Fairly OddParents. It also features music videos.

Hasbro produced editing software for creating VideoNow PVDs called the VideoNow Media Wizard, which came with blank PVD media. as well as the VCamNow camera for shooting VideoNow footage. Hasbro made recordable PVDs available without the Media Wizard from their online store.

A number of solutions are available for creating the oddly-formatted VideoNow files, including a plug-in for the popular video processing program Virtual Dub. The files can then be burned to an audio CD-ROM using standard CD burning software, and the disc cut down to the required size.


  • VideoNow - Plays only in black and white and lacks backlight. Was made in 2003.
  • VideoNow Color - Plays in color and backlit. Was made in 2004.
  • VideoNow Jr. - Distributed through Playskool, this is a variant of the VideoNow Color targeted towards preschoolers. All VideoNow Jr. branded PVDs have educational shows such as Dora the Explorer and Blue's Clues. Unlike other VideoNow PVDs, the VideoNow Jr.-branded ones are flexible, making them more suitable for young children. Was made in 2004.
  • VideoNow XP - Plays in color, backlit, has a larger screen and includes game playing capabilities and controls. Was made in 2005.
  • VideoNow Color FX - A Translucent variation of the VideoNow Color. Was made in 2006.


  • VideoNow light: a light made for the original to confensate for the lack of backlight. it was made obsolete when VideoNow Color came out in 2004.
  • Carrying case: Made to place VideoNow and PVDs in. There are 3 types, one for the original, and one for the color (There is also a version for the VideoNow Color FX that was the same, but with the VideoNow Color FX logo, while the Other one had the original logo), and the VideoNow XP version.
  • Headphones: Made to allow kids to listen through headphones. However, it is useless, as the VideoNow was compatible with any type of headphones.
  • VideoNow Media Wizard: A tool used to make custom PVDs.


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