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The Original VideoSport MK2
A close up of the VideoSport MK2 showing the knob used to choose between the console's three games

The VideoSport MK2 is a video game console that was produced by Henry's, a British retailer of television and Hi-fi equipment, starting in 1974 or early 1975 until 1977.[1][2][3] Customers could purchase the console in stores or have it delivered to them by mail.[2] By May 1976, over 10,000 units of the console had been sold.[2]


Console and controllers[edit]

The console has a central body with only a power switch and a knob to select one of three games: Football, Tennis/Pong and Hole-in-the-wall.[2] There are two controllers with cables that connect to the console, with two paddles each (for vertical and horizontal movement) and a button (for serving and goal kicking).[2] There were two variations of the console, the original VideoSport MK2 with gold letters and a later VideoSport MK2 without gold letters, likely introduced in an attempt to reduce production costs.[2] The VideoSport MK2 was mostly assembled by hand, and the colour of the push buttons depended on what parts had been purchased "on the fly".[2]

Technical specifications[edit]

Inside the console, there are only two TTL-type integrated circuits, each containing four NAND ports. The remaining circuitry comprises discrete components only.[2] The power supply is provided only through mains current.[2]

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