Video Challenger

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For the Famicom game, see Challenger (video game).
Video Challenger
Type Electronic game
Company Takara
Country Japan
Availability 1987–

Video Challenger (ビデオチャレンジャー?) is a 1987 toy that was produced by Takara (now Takara Tomy). It uses special VHS tape-based footage that allows players to shoot targets with a ray gun.


The object of each game played using a VHS tape and a ray gun is to determine how many targets are hit at the end of the VHS tape. Takara ended producing the Video Challenger due to the success of the Family Computer and the release of the PC Engine video game consoles.


It uses only the gun known as the "Challenge Blaster". When the trigger is pulled together the muzzle to the target, combining with the image of the dedicated video software, the score is added.

Target with (usually score, high score, damage) the blinking pattern of three kinds. Score is displayed on the counter installed in the Challenge Blaster. When all targets in one round are successfully hit, player will enter a bonus round, which will double the amount of points. Bonus round ends after a certain period of time. If the muzzle is facing the damage pattern in the video without pulling the trigger, the score will be penalized.

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Although it was exceptional existence, the image effect corresponding to the Video Challenger was added to the opening image Transformers: The Headmasters.

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