Video Collection (1984–1992)

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Skinny Puppy: Video Collection 1984-1992
SP Video Collection.jpg
Directed by Dean English, Nivek Ogre, Dermot Shane, Jim Van Bebber
Music by Skinny Puppy
Release dates
  • 1996 (1996) (VHS)
  • 2001 (2001) (DVD)
Country United States
Language English

Video Collection (1984–1992) is a collection of music videos by the band Skinny Puppy, first released on VHS in 1996, and DVD in 2001. It contains most of the band's Nettwerk-era videos, a prominent exception being "Worlock". Directors involved include William Morrison and Jim Van Bebber.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Dig It"    
2. "Stairs and Flowers"    
3. "Far Too Frail"    
4. "Smothered Hope"    
5. "Deep Down Trauma Hounds"    
6. "Testure"    
7. "Spasmolytic"    
8. "Killing Game"    

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