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Visual Interactive Voice Response is a visual representation of an Interactive voice response (IVR) call menu on a customer's smartphone or computer screen. This method of offering visual self-service to customers is designed to facilitate menu navigation for mobile customers; the user can simply select their response from the list of options displayed on their screen by touch (when using a smart device) or by clicking the desired option (when using a computer).[1] The purpose of Visual IVR is to improve the customer experience by allowing users to see each menu in the call flow visually and easily select menu options by touch instead of listening to a list of options over the phone and interacting with their voice.

The ultimate goal of Visual IVR is to improve customer service while quickly enabling users to find their desired information or complete their desired actions without requiring a live agent, thereby lowering costs by reducing call center traffic.[2] All options offered through traditional IVR can be completed using Visual IVR, and some actions, such as number or data entry, can be completed more easily in the Visual IVR format.[3] The goal of visual IVR as with traditional IVR is ″call containment″ referring to having the end user complete all actions with the call in a self-service format without ever having to speak to a live agent.


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