Video Warrior Laserion

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Video Warrior Laserion
Screenshot from the TV series ending sequence
(Bideo Senshi Rezarion)
Genre Mecha
Anime television series
Directed by Kozo Morishita
Studio Toei Animation
Original network TBS TV
Original run March 4, 1984February 3, 1985
Episodes 45
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Video Warrior Laserion (ビデオ戦士レザリオン Bideo Senshi Rezarion?) is a Japanese anime series aired in 1984 to 1985. It was the first Japanese anime series to feature the idea of virtual reality.[citation needed] It is also referred to as Rezarion, Laserion and its literal translation Video Senshi Laserion. It was broadcast in Latin America as El Super Laser.


The story is centered on Takashi Katori and his best friend, Olivia Lawrence. Takashi, who began as a mere online game fan, developed a small virtual world with his friend David from New York, in which they played their robot combat game. They would play by sending data to each other using satellite technology. One day while they were playing, a scientific experiment using the same satellite was being conducted involving teleporting an American plane from New York to Japan. In a freak accident caused by an explosion during a rebellion by people of the moon who attacked Earth, the plane that was converted into digital information was sent to the virtual world while Takashi's robot information was rematerialized into a real robot.

Takashi was arrested, but later the Earth Government discovered that Dr. Godheim, an evil, broken-hearted genius scientist from the Moon (now a sort of abandoned colony with restricted access) was behind the revolt. The government forces Takashi to pilot the virtual robot Laserion and protect the Earth alongside robot pilots Sarah and Charles and their G1 and G2 robots. In the end, the whereabouts of Takashi's love, Olivia, becomes a matter of concern.

Soon things change,due to the entry of an extraterrestrial,his name is Erefan. He's been captured by the Earth forces,and been brought in to answear their questions about who he really is,what kind of mission he was carrying. But Erefan proves he is benevolent,somehow refusing to talk about his past.But Olivia with her kindness and intellect helps him to express his suppressed recollections,the way was her encouragment to him to draw on a notebook.

It's the arrival of the extraterrestrial Jack Empire makes all things very complicated(episode 26),it's were Erefan reveals he knows them,and a lot about their evil thinkings,tactics and goals.Plus he was dragged to the pitts,he witnessed their cruelty,and the Jack prime minister in the Hall of Throne. The specific notebook (containing his drawings) where the Jacks are illustriated about how they appear,their mechas,and how bout they act. Every one see these images:Blueheim,general Sylvester,Takashi,Olivia,Charles Danner and Sarah see what he had experienced.Thus they realise the dire Danger the Jacks bring.

So he enters the Earth mecha forces( particularly on the good side of Takashi,Charles and Sarah) to help out the earth people against the Jacks.

After several skirmishes and intense fights between Earth and Jack forces the earthmen win the war on the moon. Erefan with his space craft in full capacity(thanks to the efforts of the scientists),bids farewell to his earth friends and departs for his home world(episode 45).



Japanese Name English Name Voices by
Takashi Katori (香取敬 Katori Takashi?) Takashi Katori Tōru Furuya
Olivia Lawrence (オリビア・ローレンス Oribia Rōrensu?) Olivia Lawrence Keiko Han
Sahara (サハラ Sahara?) Sarah Eiko Hisamura
Sylvester (シルベスタ Sirubesutaa?) General Sylvester Keiichi Noda
Blueheim (ブルーハイム Burūhaimu?) Blue home Masaya Taki
Godheid (ゴッドハイド Goddo Haido?) Professor Godheim Eiji Kanie
Kensuke Katori (香取研介 Katori Kensuke?) Eiji Kanie
Inspire (インスパイア Insupaia?) Inspire Mori Isao
Monroe (モンロー Monrō?) River Youko
Charles Danner (チャールズ・ダナー Chāruzu Danā?) Charles Norio Wakamoto
Debit (デビット Debitto?) Debit Yoku Shioya
Eric Sid (エリック・シッド Erikku Shiddo?) Eric Sid


1. My Dream Robot Game
2. Fleeing David
3. Don't Cry, Mother
4. Don't Let The Death Flower Blossom
5. Letter From The Moon
6. Foe? Friend? UFO??
7. Friendship Melody
8. Powerful Enemy! Eric Sid!
9. Input To Victory
10. The Fragrance whose Peace is Sweet
11. Demon's Birthday
12. So Long, Friend of Thermal Sand
13. Holiday War
14. Running Olivia
15. Fleeing Victory
16. The Nervous Reunion
17. Mystery of Sid's Disappearance
18. Hello, Transfer Student
19. Harapeko War
20. Black Cloud Of Stealth
21. Special Training For Cover!!
22. Laserion Seizure Plan
23. When Mars Is Bitten
24. At That Time, Father's Voice...
25. Rebels On The Spacecraft
26. The Approaching Jack Empire
27. Death Match Of 12 Hours
28. Song Of Love For Victory
29. The Twin Brothers Of Illusion
30. Day Of Hawaii Battle
31. A Solitary Attack
32. Desperate Defense
33. Great Empire Appears
34. Father Who Returns From The Moon
35. Dream Of The Illusive Monk
36. Fortress In Savanna
37. The Friendship Which Burns In The Desert
38. Golden Pyramid
39. Emperor Jack, Move!!
40. Olivia Rescue Mission
41. The Desperate 380,000 Kilometres
42. Life Or Death Escape
43. The Emperor, Arrival At The Moon
44. Rebellion
45. Final Countdown

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