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For the magazine entitled Video, see Video (magazine).

Video magazines are a series of online videos that follow the print magazine format in which the reader/viewer consumes an issue on a periodic basis. Video magazines differ from traditional online magazine or ezine because they are delivered in a video format and are consumed through viewing online rather than reading online material.


Originally video magazines were used primarily used as a marketing tool in which a company engages their online database with interview-style informational video.[citation needed] Century 21 Realty Group in Indianapolis, IN first used the format in April 2006.[1]

Whilst many print magazines mirrored their content on digital video platforms, it wasn't until 2016 and 2017 that a series of new video magazines started emerging utilising modern technology to create exciting content that existed and was made for video and a digital audience.

Different formats[edit]

Pure video magazines[edit]

These magazines exist purely in video format and only online, without a print counterpart to support it.

The first magazine to launch in this format was EWE Zine which is currently published through YouTube [2] ,[3] launching in March 2017.[4]

Augmented reality video magazines[edit]

Augmented reality video magazines have a print counterpart to support it. Using apps such as layar and that blends the offline with the online.

The first example of this was GUAP magazine which started life a crowd funding project. The magazines uses an app called Layar to make their content interactive, linking to video content elsewhere.

The Exposed is similar to GUAP but instead of using a third party app to link to its video content, The Exposed has its own native app under the same name.[5] This app blends the offline with the online.[6]


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