Vidin Grad

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Vidin Grad
The wall of Vidin Grad.jpg
The wall of Vidin Grad
General information
Type Fortress
Location Lešnica, Serbia
Coordinates 44°37′57″N 19°20′08″E / 44.6325°N 19.335556°E / 44.6325; 19.335556
Diameter 50 m (160 ft)

Vidin Grad was a fortress, located at the top of the Vidojevica hill, near village Lešnica, municipality of Loznica,

Today, little remain of fortification walls and towers which are spreading on the top of the hill, on a plateau with rough dimensions of 50 m diameter. From it, the terrain steep drops on all sides to dry ditch, which is spreading around the entire fortress to protected the access to it.

Remains of walls, made of roughly trimmed stone, are largely covered with vegetation, and their original thickness is estimated at about 100 cm. They were reinforced with at least two towers, whose ruins can be seen on the ground.

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