St. Vitus Day

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Vidovdan na Gazimestanu 2009. godine.JPG
Vidovdan celebration at Gazimestan monument (2009)
Observed by Serbian Orthodox Christians
Serbian patriotism
Observances Feast day
Date June 28 Gregorian Calendar
June 15 Julian Calendar)
Frequency annual
Related to Slava

"St. Vitus Day", Vidovdan (Serbian Cyrillic: Видовдан), is a Serbian national and religious holiday, a slava (feast day) celebrated on June 28 (Gregorian Calendar), or June 15 according to the Julian calendar, in use by the Serbian Orthodox Church. Also, the Serbian Church designates it as the memorial day to Saint Prince Lazar and the Serbian holy martyrs who fell during the epic Battle of Kosovo against the Ottoman Empire on June 28, 1389. It is an important part of Serb ethnic and Serbian national identity.[1]

It is named after Saint Vitus.


Vidovdan is considered a date of special importance to ethnic Serbs, with the following events taking place on Vidovdan, but are expressed here in the Gregorian calendar:

In Bulgaria, it is called Vidovden (Видовден) or Vidov Den (Видов ден) and is particularly well known among the Shopi, in the western part of the country.


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