Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology

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Main building12345.jpg
Main Building
Motto Education through Freedom
Type Education Institution
Established 1999
Location Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology (VJIT) is a college in Hyderabad, India, established in 1999 by A.P. Jithender Reddy and V. Purushottam Reddy. It is located on the way to Chilkur Balaji Temple from Mrugavani National Park, near "Aziz Nagar Gate [Bus stop]".

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The campus mainly consists of three blocks: "A", "B" and the main block. The main block is the newest with three sub-blocks named the Central "C", South "S" and North "N" blocks. The "A" , "B" blocks are exclusively for the first-years. This is to keep them safe from ragging. The institute follows a strict anti-ragging policy and thus shields the freshers from any such incidents.

The South "S-Block" is for the Mechanical Engineering department, Electronics and Communication Engineering department and B-Block forInformation Technology department . The North "N-Block" is for Computer Science Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering departments. The central "C-block" is exclusively for administration. It consists of a Library, Seminar halls, Principal's office, Secretary's office and other offices of the college administration.

Vidya Jyothi Institute of technology ranks number six among all the colleges in the Hyderabad city, excluding the universities.[citation needed]

Transport facilities[edit]

The college has adequate transport facilities connecting it to different locations in the city. The college has buses covering the following destinations, among others:


The college has hosted/is hosting following events:

Technical events[edit]

  • Vidya (Technical symposium)
  • Cyberveda2k8 (Technical fest). The convener is Sainath Gupta.
  • Cyrix (Technical fest). The convener is Sagar Patke.
  • Verve '11 (Technical fest). The convener is B. Srinivasulu Reddy supported by student coordinators Dinesh Kumar (EEE Dept.), Tushar (ECE Dept.), Pranav Phalgun (CSE Dept.), Madhusudhan (Mech Dept.), and Phalaksh (IT Dept.).
  • Phoenix'12(Technical cum Cultural fest).The Convener is R.K.Singh Supported by Chief Student Coordinator Dinesh Kumar of EEE Dept.

Cultural events[edit]

  • Phoenix (college annual day and cultural fest) on 24–25 March

Voluntary activities[edit]

The students take part in voluntary activities.

VRN (We Are Neurons)[edit]

This is a student driven organization and platform for the students from all undergraduate disciplines coming together out of a common interest of being better in terms of having practical knowledge and how to improve their better interpersonal skills and cultural manoeuvre. President: P.Vishnu Chithamacharyulu, Vice President: Karthikeyan Manikavasagam, General Secretary: K.Siddartha Ramakanth, Joint Secretary: Sandeep Kumar Bhanoori, Treasurer: K.Vinod Kumar. Official Website:


Hands That Help is the brainchild of VJIT students. It involves voluntary activities like teaching to the poor in the government schools, charity works and other activities to develop the underprivileged.

Street Readers[edit]

Society for students was started by students of VJIT in 2007 to help in building careers of students. Now this organisation is widely spread across 89 colleges in Hyderabad. President:P Ayyappaswamy Reddy, Vice President: Praneet Kavuri, General Secretary: L R Mohan Suvvari,Joint- Secretary:Rohith Mohan Suvvari, Members:VH Sesank Namburi, R.Bhanu Prakesh, T.Vidya Chaithanaya.

Notable People[edit]

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