Vienna Hyatt

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Vienna Hyatt
As the World Turns character
Portrayed by Ewa Da Cruz (June 16, 2006 to July 19, 2006, October 26, 2006 to July 19, 2010)
First appearance June 16, 2006
Last appearance July 19, 2010
Occupation Co-owner of Al's Diner
Residence the Lakeview w/Henry Coleman

Vienna Hyatt (previously Coleman) is a character on the American soap opera As the World Turns. She has been played by Ewa Da Cruz from June 16, 2006 to July 19, 2006 and from October 26, 2006 to July 19, 2010.

Character Story History[edit]

Vienna is introduced in the summer of 2006 as a wealthy heiress. She runs into Katie Peretti on a cruise ship, who is there with her new husband Mike Kasnoff. Vienna and Katie take an instant dislike in each other, mostly because the snobbish, arrogant Vienna immediately looks down at Katie. Katie later discovers that the man with whom Vienna is with is none other than Katie's ex-husband Simon Frasier. As soon as he sees his ex-wife, Simon falls in love with her again and follows her back to Oakdale, in the process dumping Vienna.

Vienna reappears months later again during Halloween, as the date of Prince Adolpho, who is visiting Oakdale. Vienna wears a priceless diamond necklace, but discovers that it is missing after the party — after she had spent the night with Simon. She accuses both Simon and Carly Snyder of stealing the necklace and replacing it with a fake. However, she cannot prove that either of them took the necklace, and the police let them go. Weeks later, Katie publishes a new book in which she reveals the crime Simon and Carly committed, and that they did steal the necklace and replaced it. Vienna wants justice, but Simon outsmarts her; he and Carly flee the country to an unknown location.

Vienna decides to stay in Oakdale, and soon runs into Brad Snyder. The two are instantly attracted to each other, and begin a relationship. When Vienna finds out that Brad isn't rich, as she at first thought, she decides to forgive him and think about continuing their relationship. Then she is contacted by someone from Prince Adolpho's country, who warns her that she will be imprisoned if she doesn't give her money back to the prince. She flees Oakdale, but coincidentally, her chauffeur of that night happens to be Henry Coleman, Katie's best friend. When the car breaks down during an ice storm, Vienna and Henry make themselves comfortable and end up making love in the car. Afterwards, Vienna proclaims her undying love for Henry; he is overwhelmed, and decides to keep his distance. This changes when Vienna impulsively decides to sign over all her money to Henry. The two are suddenly inseparable, and Henry soon proposes to her, intent on marrying her for her money.

On their wedding day, however, Henry leaves Vienna at the altar. The next time they see each other, Henry tells Vienna that he had fallen in love with her and didn't want to marry her for the wrong reasons. Vienna forgives him, and they reunite, though they agree to wait awhile before getting married. They remain together through difficult times, and fall deeply in love. Being with Henry changes Vienna; she matures from a spoiled, selfish brat into a kind, caring and selfless woman. When she finds out that Carly's son J.J. Larrabee has been kidnapped, for example, Vienna offers to pay the ransom, even offering to sacrifice her jewelry to help J.J.

After a few more months, Vienna and Henry find that they have spent all their money. Faced with having to work for a living, Vienna suggests that they open a spa. She soon finds that she lacks the necessary skills to run a business. When Henry wins the popular "Al's Diner" in a poker match, he and Vienna fix the place up run it. Vienna hates it at first, but it grows on her over the years.

Their relationship is not perfect, however; he still refuses to marry her, eventually pushing her into the arms of newcomer Gray Gerard. Henry soon realizes his mistake, and begs for her forgiveness. When he discovers that Gray is a criminal, he follows him to catch him in the act. They get into a fistfight, and Gray knocks Henry unconscious and locks him up in an abandoned church. He soon brings Vienna there too, intending to leave them there to die. Vienna and Henry reunite and exchange vows, promising never to leave each other again.

After a while, Vienna brings up the idea of having kids, but Henry, not sure if they would be ready to have them yet, buys her a puppy instead, to see if they could take care of him. Vienna adores the dog, whom she names Pepper, and treats him as her child. Vienna continues to express her wish to have children, but Henry keeps turning her down. At one point, Vienna witnesses a conversation between Henry and Katie, and she suddenly realizes that Katie, to whom Henry was married before, would always be the love of Henry's life. She confronts him about his relationship with Katie, and he doesn't deny that he loves Katie. Instead of leaving, Vienna tells him she loves him more than anything in her life and, if being a second choice in his would mean she still gets to be with him, than she would do so. Henry is touched, and vows to never leave her for anything or anyone. Nevertheless, he stands by his earlier statement; he would not have kids.

When he fears Vienna has sabotaged their condoms, Henry and his friend Brad make an appointment to get vasectomies. Henry doesn't to go through with it, however, because Vienna and Katie, who is now married to Brad, find out and dragged Henry away. Vienna finally accepts the fact that she and Henry would never have children. In early 2009, when Katie finds out she cannot have children of her own, Vienna offers to act as surrogate for her and Brad's baby, and they agree. Henry disapproves, but Vienna has made up her mind. She is soon impregnated by Brad's sperm. Brad and Katie run into Vienna and Henry in the Old Town neighborhood, and Brad promises Katie that she will be a mother. Henry arrives and tells Brad that he may have something to solve Katie's problems. Brad calls his lawyer, Mr. Quick, who agrees to meet with them for $10,000. When her very first sonogram comes up, Vienna is so excited that she forgets to inform Brad and Katie, and goes to the hospital with Henry. She then remembers Henry and Katie and calls them to come over. Vienna ends up seeing the sonogram with Henry, and the doctor informs her that she is no longer pregnant.

Vienna is devastated, and lacks the courage to tell Brad and Katie that their baby is gone; she lies to them, and tells them that the baby is fine. Afterwards, Henry comforts her, and they sleep together. Days later, Vienna discovers that she is in fact pregnant... with Henry's baby. Henry tells Vienna that Katie and Brad are meeting with Mr. Quick and the birth mother today, and thinks everything will work out. Katie tells Brad that the lawyer was disbarred and was brought up on charges. Vienna tries to reach out to Katie but she doesn't want to hear it and, Vienna then trips and falls. Vienna asks Katie if she thinks if there's anything wrong with the baby, while Brad is trying to find Henry. The doctor then tells Vienna she has miscarried.


  • Originally the character of Vienna was written as a parody of Paris Hilton; indeed, the name "Vienna Hyatt" is a formula of a European capital and a high-end hotel chain, much like Hilton's name is perceived.
  • Vienna was originally supposed to be a guest star, appearing only the time she spent with Simon. However, the producers liked her and got her back for another stint in Halloween. This time, the audience had become so fond of her that actress Ewa was offered a contract.