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Typical Viennese microbrewery
Wieden Bräu, a typical Viennese microbrewery. Customers can sit close to the copper brewing equipment.

The Viennese microbrewery (German: Wiener Brauhaus, Wiener Kleinbrauerei) is a typical institution of Vienna. These microbreweries serve their own beer to the public. They also serve food, in many cases traditional Austrian dishes. In many cases the actual brew equipment is in the center of the place and the tables for the customers are located around the equipment. Some microbreweries open in the late morning and offer both lunch and dinner, others open in the late afternoon. Notice: The term "X-Bräu" does not always mean that it is a real brew pub.

Well-known Viennese microbreweries[edit]

The order is by district.

  • 1516, 1. district, Schwarzenbergstraße 2; Opening times: Mon–Thu 10:00–14:00, Fri 10:00–3:00, Sat 11:00–3:00, Sun 11:00–2:00; this is an American-style brew pub with music from Rolling Stones to Michael Jackson and American food like baby back ribs and burritos.
  • Schwarzenberg Stadtbrauerei, 1. district, Schellinggasse 14; Opening times: Mon-Thu 10:00-24:00, Fri 10:00-03:00, Sat 17:00-03:00, Sun closed, Holiday 17:00-24:00.
  • Salm Bräu, 3. district, Rennweg 8; Opening times: Mon-Sun 11:00-24:00; winner of several international prizes, also brew a beer liquor
  • Wieden Bräu, 4. district, Waaggasse 5; Opening times: Mon-Sun 11:30-24:00; besides 4 home made beers they serve specialty beers such as whiskey beer. Occasionally they organize beer seminars.
  • Sieben Stern Bräu, 7. district, Siebensterngasse 19; Opening times: Mon-Sun 11:00-24:00; they serve hemp, smoked and spicy chili beer amongst others
  • Lichtenthaler Bräu, 9. district, Liechtensteinstraße 108; Opening times: Mon-Sat 16:00 - 00:30, closed on Sundays. "Helles" is their standard brew, but have up to 3 specials (ales, lagers, Weizen, stout, porter, IPA) and bottle conditioned strong beers (e.g. black IPA, Scotch Strong Ale, Belgian Dark Strong Ale, Imperial Pils). Viennese cuisine (Gulasch, Blunzengröstl, Schnitzel, Nierndln) and pub classics.
  • The Highlander, 9. district, Sobieskiplatz 4; Opening times: Sun-Thu 16:00-24:00, Fri-Sat 16:00-1:00.
  • Beaver Brewing Company, 9. district, Liechtensteinstraße 69; Opening times: Sun-Thu 12:00-24:00, Fri-Sat 12:00-1:00.

American style microbrewery opened by David Beaver who is from Michigan. They feature 7 rotating house beers and 2 guest beers. The brewpub also serves classic American food.

  • Medl Bräu, 14. district, Linzer Strasse 275; Opening times: Mon-Sat 16:00-24:00, Sun closed. The serve 5 home-brewed beers: Maerzen, Blond, Dark, Mixed (Half blond, half dark), and in season a Bock.
  • Schwarzer Rabe, 16. district, Ottakringerstraße 180
  • Fischer Bräu, 19. district, Billrothstrasse 17
  • Kadlez, 21. district, Floridsdorfer Hauptstraße 9
  • Xaver Brauerei, 16. district, Hasnerstraße 14

Several entries have been removed since they are not microbreweries or already closed. Please, only add real breweries here!

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