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Vienna porcelain trembleuse cup from the du Paquier period, 1730

The Viennese Porcelain Manufactory (German: Kaiserlich privilegierte Porcellain Fabrique) was a porcelain manufacturer in Alsergrund in Vienna, Austria. It was founded in 1718 and existed until 1864.

The firm was the second-oldest porcelain manufactory in Europe, after Meissen porcelain. The firm's products were also known simply as "Vienna porcelain".


The history of the manufactory can be divided into five periods. The first period was under its first director, Claudius Innocentius du Paquier, and it is therefore known as the "Du Paquier period". This lasted from 1718-1744, then the manufactory came into financial difficulties and the state intervened by nationalising it. The second period is the "Plastic period" (1744–1784), the third is the "Pictorial period" (1784–1805), the fourth is the "Biedermeier period" (1805–1833) and the final one is the "Late Biedermeier period" (1833–1864).

The manufactory was revived in 1923 with the foundation of the Viennese Porcelain Manufactory Augarten.

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