Viesīte Municipality

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Viesīte Municipality
Viesītes novads
Viesītes novada karte.png
Country  Latvia
Formed 2009
Centre Viesīte
 • Mayor Juris Līcis
 • Total 650.5 km2 (251.2 sq mi)
Population (2009)[2]
 • Total 4,705
 • Density 7.2/km2 (19/sq mi)

Viesīte Municipality (Latvian: Viesītes novads) is a municipality in Selonia, Latvia. The municipality was formed in 2009 by merging Elkšņi parish, Rite parish, Sauka parish and Viesīte town with its countryside territory, the administrative centre being Viesīte. In 2010 Viesīte parish was created from the countryside territory of Viesīte town.

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Coordinates: 56°21′N 25°33′E / 56.350°N 25.550°E / 56.350; 25.550