Vieta (crater)

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Vieta crater 4155 h3.jpg
Lunar Orbiter 4 image
(black lines are artifact of image reprocessing)
Coordinates 29°12′S 56°18′W / 29.2°S 56.3°W / -29.2; -56.3Coordinates: 29°12′S 56°18′W / 29.2°S 56.3°W / -29.2; -56.3
Diameter 87 km
Depth 4.5 km
Colongitude 57° at sunrise
Eponym François Viète

Vieta is a lunar impact crater that lies due north of the walled plain Schickard, in the southwestern part of the Moon. About half a crater diameter to the southeast is the smaller Fourier, and to the north-northeast lies Cavendish.

The outer rim of this crater has undergone some impact erosion, and small craters lie along the northeast, south, and north-northwestern sides. The inner walls are irregular, with incised bases in some locations. A chain of small craters lies across the northern half of the interior floor, following a line towards the east-northeast. The floor is nearly level, but with some uneven areas in the south and by the crater chain.

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Vieta.

Vieta Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 30.3° S 59.3° W 34 km
B 30.5° S 60.2° W 40 km
C 28.7° S 58.4° W 12 km
D 27.8° S 54.2° W 8 km
E 27.0° S 58.1° W 11 km
F 26.8° S 57.7° W 6 km
G 29.4° S 57.0° W 6 km
H 29.1° S 56.2° W 5 km
J 28.9° S 55.9° W 6 km
K 28.0° S 55.0° W 5 km
L 29.5° S 60.2° W 8 km
M 29.8° S 60.6° W 5 km
P 27.5° S 57.9° W 8 km
R 26.6° S 57.5° W 3 km
T 32.4° S 57.8° W 28 km
Y 30.5° S 55.8° W 11 km