Vietnam's Next Top Model (cycle 4)

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Vietnam's Next Top Model (cycle 4)
Cycle 4 cast of Vietnam's Next Top Model
Country of origin Vietnam
Original network Multimedia JSC (domestically)
VTV (domestically)
CBS Television Distribution (internationally)
Original release October 6 – December 22, 2013
Cycle chronology
← Previous
Cycle 3
Next →
Cycle 5
Series summary

Vietnam's Next Top Model, Cycle 4 is the fourth season of Vietnam's Next Top Model. It was broadcast on VTV in 2013, featuring 18 finalists including 8 male and 10 female contestants.

This is the first year the show includes male contestants in addition to female contestants in previous years. The change was made after the 20th season of America's Next Top Model, which opened to male models.

When its audition round kicked off in August, the show attracted 1,200 participants, the highest number of applicants so far. Fashion designer Do Manh Cuong and makeup specialist Nam Trung, previous season's judges, stayed on the jury this year. The board welcomed two new judges, supermodel Thanh Hang, and famed Australian catwalk coach Adam Williams (briefly appearance due to become a judge on Asia's Next Top Model (cycle 2))

J. Alexander appeared as a special guest judge in the final show.

The winner received a prize of up to VND2 billion (US$95,080). The top candidates had chances to get trained in Paris. The season premiered on October 6, 2013 at 8pm every Sunday on VTV3.[1][2][3][4]

The winner was 21-year-old Mâu Thị Thanh Thủy from Hồ Chí Minh City.

Nguyen Tran Trung competed Vietnam Supermodel Contest 2015 at Breeze Model

Ngô Thị Quỳnh Mai became one of the 14 finalists in the fourth cycle of Asia's Next Top Model, where she placed 12th. She also competed Miss Universe Vietnam and The Face Vietnam, where her place as Co-Runner-up.

Do Tran Kim Ngan competed Miss World Vietnam 2014 as place 14th.

Nguyen Thi Cha Mi will compete in the All-stars season of this series.


Contestant Age Height Hometown Finish Place
Nguyễn Quốc Minh Tòng 22 Đắk Lắk 1.86 m (6 ft 1 in) Episode 3 18-15
Lê Uyên Phương Thảo 23 Đồng Nai 1.72 m (5 ft 7 12 in)
Đỗ Thị Kim Ngân 20 Lạng Sơn 1.76 m (5 ft 9 12 in)
Ngô Thị Quỳnh Mai 18 Hồ Chí Minh City 1.72 m (5 ft 7 12 in)
Tạ Thúc Bình 21 Hà Nội 1.81 m (5 ft 11 12 in) Episode 4 14-13
Phan Thị Thùy Linh 21 Lâm Đồng 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Phạm Thị Kim Thoa 24 Lào Cai 1.76 m (5 ft 9 12 in) Episode 5 12
Trần Mạnh Kiên 21 Vĩnh Phúc 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in) Episode 6 11
Nguyễn Trần Trung 20 Hanoi 1.86 m (6 ft 1 in) Episode 7 10-9
Đinh Hà Thu 24 Hải Phòng 1.71 m (5 ft 7 12 in)
Nguyễn Thị Thanh 20 Thái Bình 1.76 m (5 ft 9 12 in) Episode 8 8
Trần Quang Đại 21 Vũng Tàu 1.86 m (6 ft 1 in) Episode 9 7
Dương Mạc Anh Quân 24 Hanoi 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in) Episode 10 6-5
Nguyễn Thị Hằng 20 Đồng Nai 1.76 m (5 ft 9 12 in)
Lê Văn Kiên 20 Thanh Hóa 1.89 m (6 ft 2 12 in) Episode 11 4-3
Nguyễn Thị Chà Mi 19 Phú Thọ 1.76 m (5 ft 9 12 in)
Vũ Tuấn Việt 21 Hải Dương 1.82 m (5 ft 11 12 in) 2
Mâu Thị Thanh Thủy 21 Hồ Chí Minh City 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) 1


Call-out order[edit]

Hằng's call-out order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
1 Trung Đại Mi Kiên L. Quân Việt Thủy Hằng Mi Thủy Thủy Thủy
2 Thảo Mai Việt Mi Thu Thu Hằng Việt Thủy Mi Việt Việt
3 Tòng Thoa Bình Thoa Trung Trung Việt Đại Kiên L. Kiên L. Kiên L.
4 Hằng Mi Thu Việt Đại Thủy Quân Mi Việt Việt
5 Quân Hằng Hằng Thanh Thủy Hằng Mi Thủy Hằng Hằng
6 Mai Linh Trung Đại Việt Quân Kiên L. Quân Quân
7 Thủy Việt Linh Trung Thanh Thanh Thanh Kiên L. Đại
8 Thanh Thu Thoa Kiên T. Hằng Mi Đại Thanh
9 Linh Kiên T. Thủy Hằng Kiên L. Đại Thu
10 Đại Ngân Kiên T. Thủy Mi Kiên L.
11 Bình Trung Quân Quân Kiên T. Kiên T.
12 Mi Bình Đại Thu Thoa
13 Kiên T. Kiên L. Thanh Bình
14 Ngân Tòng Kiên L.
15 Kiên L. Quân Mai
16 Thu Thảo
17 Thoa Thanh
18 Việt
     The contestant was in a non-elimination bottom two.
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant won the competition
  • Episode 2 featured non-eliminations.
  • Episode 3 featured multiple eliminations.
  • Episodes 4, 7, 10, and the first part of 11 featured double eliminations.

Photo Shoot Guide[edit]

  • Episode 1 Photo Shoot: Full Body Shots (Casting)
  • Episode 2 Photo Shoots: Beauty from smile
  • Episode 3 Photo Shoot: Energy
  • Episode 4 Photo Shoot: Beauty Shots with Zalora's
  • Episode 5 Photo Shoot: Posing with an Ostrich
  • Episode 6 Photo Shoot: Lighting Oneself
  • Episode 7 Photo Shoot: Traditional Clothing at Cham Temple
  • Episode 8 Photo Shoot: Led Lights Circus Shoot
  • Episode 9 Photo Shoot: Gods and Goddesses in Singapore
  • Episode 10 Commercial and Photo Shoot: Bourjois Lipstick Adverts; F Magazine Covers in Paris
  • Episode 11 Photo Shoot: Love my Heart


  • Thanh Hằng (Host)
  • Đinh Nam Trung
  • Đỗ Mạnh Cường
  • Adam Williams


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