Vietnam Idol (season 1)

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Vietnam Idol
Season 1
Broadcast from May 23 – October 3, 2007
Judges Siu Black
Hà Dũng
Tuấn Khanh
Host(s) Thanh Thảo
Co-host(s) Nguyên Vũ
Broadcaster Ho Chi Minh Television
Finals venue Hòa Bình Theater, HCMC
Phương Vy
Ngọc Ánh

Vietnam Idol (now retroactively known as Vietnam Idol season 1) is the first season of the interactive reality series produced in Vietnam. The show was hosted by Thanh Thảo and Nguyên Vũ. It began airing on Ho Chi Minh Television together with many other local channels in Hanoi (HTV), Hai Phong, Da Nang (DRT), Khanh Hoa and Quang Ninh

Nguyễn Ngọc Phương Vy, from Ho Chi Minh City, was crowned the winner of the season. Her prizes included $10,000 and a contract with Music Faces, a record company in Vietnam.

Early process[edit]


Auditions were held at the following locations:

Theater rounds[edit]

The contestants who passed the auditions, arrived in Ho Chi Minh City for the theater round where they were given songs from the judges to perform. Based on those performances, 30 contestants were chosen by the judges to proceed to the Piano Show.

Piano rounds[edit]

On the June 27, 2007, the Piano Show began, with the Top 30 Contestants singing in Ho Chi Minh City for the judges and the viewers. The contestants were allocated numbers so that viewers could vote for their favourite(s). The viewers were able to vote by phone or by SMS. Contestants were divided into three groups of ten with the top 3 contestants from each group advancing to the Gala Round. Eight from the three groups that did not proceed to the finals during the first three rounds, competed for the last position in the Top 10 during the Wildcards round.


The gala round involves the contestants singing each week, with the contestant with the least votes each week being eliminated, until one contestant is left and crowned Vietnam Idol 2007. Before it began Thùy Dương withdrew from the Top 10 due to health issues with Ngọc Minh replacing her as he had received the second highest number of votes in the Wildcards round.

Grand finale[edit]

On the 26th of September, the final two contestants, Phương Vy and Ngọc Ánh were given their last chance to sing for the votes of the Vietnamese public. The Grand Finale was held at Hoa Binh Theatre, Ho Chi Minh City on the 3rd of October. During the night, all Top 10 contestants returned to perform with other guest stars. With 53.44% of 723,024 votes,[1] Phương Vy was announced the winner of Vietnam Idol 2007 ahead of Ngọc Ánh. As winner of Vietnam Idol she represented Vietnam in the Asian Idol competition.


(In order of elimination)


  • Week 1: Self-Expressing Songs
Original air: Aug 01 & 03 2007
Bottom 3: Ngọc Minh, Thanh Phong & Ngọc Bích
Eliminated: Ngọc Bích
Special guest(s):
Practised in:
  • Week 2: Top Hits
Original air: Aug 08 & 10
Bottom 3: Ngọc Minh, Thanh Phong & Thảo Trang
Eliminated: Thanh Phong
Special guest(s):
Practised in:
  • Week 3: World-Inspirational
Original air: Aug 15 & 17
Bottom 3: Ngọc Ánh, Ngọc Minh & Xuân Linh
Eliminated: Xuân Linh
Special guest(s):
Practised in:
  • Week 4: Rock Night
Original air: Aug 22 & 24
Bottom 3: Duy Khánh, Thảo Trang & Hải Yến
Eliminated: Hải Yến
Special guest(s):
Practised in:
Original air: Aug 29 & 31
Bottom 3: Duy Khánh, Trà My & Thảo Trang
Eliminated: Trà My
Special guest(s):
Practised in:
  • Week 6: Folk-Inspiration
Original air: Sep 05 & 07
'Bottom 2: Ngọc Minh, Thảo Trang
Eliminated: Thảo Trang
Special guest(s):
Practised in:
  • Week 7: Judges' Choice
Original air: Sep 12 & 14
Top 4: Ngọc Ánh, Duy Khánh, Ngọc Minh & Phương Vy
Eliminated: Duy Khánh
Special guest(s):
Practised in:
  • Week 8: I Raise My Voice for My Darlings
Original air: 19 & 21
Top 3: Ngọc Ánh, Ngọc Minh & Phương Vy
Eliminated: Ngọc Minh
Special guest(s):
Practised in:
  • Week 9: Contestants' favourite
Original air: September 26
  • Grand finale
Original air: October 3
'Final two: Ngọc Ánh & Phương Vy
'Winner: Phương Vy
Special guest(s): Top 10, Tuấn Hưng, Elvis Phương and other prominent music artists in Vietnam


Female Male Top 30 Wildcard Top 10
Did not perform Safe Bottom 3 Bottom 2 Eliminated
Stage: Semi-Finals Wild
Week: 06/29 07/06 07/13 07/20 08/03 08/10 08/17 08/24 08/31 09/07 09/14 09/21 10/03
Place Contestant Result
1 Phương Vy Top 10 Winner
2 Ngọc Ánh Top 10 Btm 2 Btm 3 Runner-Up
3 Ngọc Minh Wild Card Elim* Btm 2 Btm 2 Btm 2 Elim
4 Duy Khánh Top 10 Btm 3 Btm 3 Elim
5 Thảo Trang Top 10 Btm 3 Btm 2 Btm 2 Elim
6 Trà My Top 10 Elim
7 Hải Yến Wild Card Top 10 Elim
8 Xuân Linh Top 10 Elim
9 Thanh Phong Top 10 Btm 3 Elim
10 Ngọc Bích Top 10 Elim
11 Thùy Dương Top 10 WD
Wild Card Tuấn Anh Wild Card Elim
Hạ Trâm Wild Card
Cẩm Vân Wild Card
Khắc Tuận Wild Card
Nhật Thanh Wild Card
Đức Tiến Wild Card
Semi Hữu Giang Elim
Phú Cường
Phương Ly
Hòa Mi
Huyền Trang
Thu Trang Elim
Thanh Đàn
Hồ Tiến Đạt
Đăng Thanh
Huỳnh Mai Elim
Tấn Minh
Bích Thảo
Ái Thi
  • Before the finals occurred, Thuỳ Dương had stated that she was no longer in the competition due to her health, so Ngọc Minh was chosen to replace with the second highest votes in Wild Card.


Years Recording Artist Informations
2008 Phương Vy Lúc mới yêu
  • Released: March 8
  • Recording Label: Music Faces Records
Trà My Hãy nói anh yêu em
  • Released: May 9
  • Recording Label:
Duy Khánh Dối gian - Lỗi lầm
  • Released: May 23
  • Recording Label: Rạng Đông Audio & Video
Thảo Trang Lạ
  • Released: May 23
  • Recording Label:
Võ Hạ Trâm Hát
  • Released: November 14
  • Recording Label:
2009 Phương Vy Có đôi lần
  • Released: April 23
  • Recording Label: Music Faces Records
Hải Yến Và anh đã đến
  • Released: July 7
  • Recording Label:
Ngọc Ánh Ngày hôm qua là thế
  • Released: August 12
  • Recording Label: DIHAVINA
Giật mình
  • Released: August 12
  • Recording Label: DIHAVINA


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