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Vietnam Inland Waterways Administration (VIWA, Vietnamese: Cục Đường thuỷ nội địa Việt Nam) is the government agency of the Ministry of Transport that governs and maintains the ports, rivers, canals and navigable lakes of Vietnam. The current General Director is Assistant Professor D., People's Teacher Trần Đắc Sửu; VIWA is located in Ha Noi.[1]

As an organization, VIWA has:

  • A board of directors;
  • 15 River Management stations and joint stock companies;
  • 4 Port authorities;
  • 3 Training schools;
  • Inspection groups;
  • A magazine - Sail Magazine;
  • A project management unit.

River management[edit]

VIWA has jurisdiction of over 6,000 km of riverways, operating 15 stations and over 140 substations throughout the country. VIWA maintains over 14,000 navigation aids on Vietnam's rivers. Principal riverways under VIWA's purview include the Red River / Thái Bình Province area in the north, and the Mekong River system in the south.[2]


River ports[edit]

VIWA governs 77 ports in Vietnam, including 33 river ports. It manages five of them, all in the north: Hai Phong, Ninh Bình, Bắc Ninh, Việt Trì and Hòa Bình.[3]


VIWA currently maintains port authorities for four seaports:[4]

Training schools[edit]

VIWA operates three vocational schools:[5]

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