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The Vietnam Museum of Revolution (Vietnamese: Viện Bảo tàng Cách mạng Việt Nam; Hán tự: 院寶藏革命越南) was a museum in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Located in the Tong Dan area of the city, it was established in August 1959 in a two-story building, formerly used by the Trade Department of Vietnam. It was redesigned into 30 galleries, and as of 2008 contains in excess of 40,000 historical exhibits.[1]

Topics covered are notably the national liberation movements of the Vietnamese against French colonial forces before the Vietnamese Communist Party was established during the period 1858–1930, the national independence struggle of the Vietnamese under the leadership of the Communist Party from 1930–1975, and then the social construction of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam from 1976–1994. Since 2011 it has been merged with the National Museum of Vietnamese History [1]