National Route 8 (Vietnam)

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Route 8 in Annamite Range

National Route 8 (Part of ) is a highway in Hà Tĩnh Province in North Central of Vietnam, which is managed and maintained by the central government. The route includes two segments. The 85.3 km-long segment from Hồng Lĩnh Township across Đức Thọ and Hương Sơn districts is called National Route 8A. There are 36 bridges in this route in which the two longest are Linh Cảm (crosses La River) and Hà Tân bridges. National Route 8A crosses Annamite Range and connects to National Route 1A, Ho Chi Minh Highway and Lao National Route 8.

The 25 km-long segment from Hồng Lĩnh Town eastward and reach Xuân Hải Port is called National Route 8B.