Vietnam National University, Hanoi

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Vietnam National University, Hanoi
Đại học Quốc gia Hà Nội
MottoAb uno disce omnes
PresidentNguyễn Kim Sơn
ColorsPale green, white
original headquarters of VNUH on Le Thanh Tong street.

Vietnam National University, Hanoi (Vietnamese: Đại học Quốc gia Hà Nội) is a public university in Vietnam. The university has 10 colleges and faculties. This is a national university, and it is also one of the most prestigious universities in Vietnam, ranked 139 in Asia by the QS World Rankings.


Throughout its history the university has had several name changes: the Indochinese University (Đông-dương Đại-học Viện ; established in 1906) ; Vietnam National University (Việt-nam Quốc-gia Đại-học ; November 1945) ; the University of Hanoi (Hà-nội Đại-học-hiệu ; June 1956). In 1993, Vietnam National University, Hanoi (Đại-học Quốc-gia Hà-nội) was created by merging the University of Hanoi, Hanoi National University of Education and College of Foreign Languages.[1]

The institution also owns two high schools for gifted students in foreign languages (Foreign Language Specialized School) and natural science (High School for the Gifted – University of Natural Science).

President Board[2][edit]

  • President: Nguyen Kim Son
  • Vice President: Nguyen Hoang Hai
  • Vice President: Nguyen Hong Son

Member institutions[edit]

Participants attending Wikipedia workshop at University of Economics and Business, at Vietnam National University, Hanoi in 2018.

Vietnam National University, Hanoi includes the following members (universities, schools):[3][4][5]

Notable people[edit]


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