Vietnam War Story II

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Vietnam War Story II
Vietnam war Story II.jpg
Directed by David Burton Morris
Jack Sholder
Lesli Linka Glatter (segment "The Promise")
Michael Toshiyuki Uno (segment "Old Ghost Walks the Earth, An")
Written by Cindy Lou Johnson (segments "R&R" and "The Promise")
Adam Rodman (segment "Old Ghost Walks the Earth, An")
David Burton Morris
Cinematography Jack Wallner
Distributed by Home Box Office (HBO)(1988, USA, TV)
HBO Video (1988, USA, VHS)
Country United States
Language English

Vietnam War Story II is a 1988 film that was released direct-to-video. The film consists of three 30 minute segments, each filmed by a different director. The first segment stars Wesley Snipes as a young soldier in the Vietnam War. The film was based on the television series, Vietnam War Story. The films directors are David Burton Morris, Jack Sholder and Michael Toshiyuki Uno.


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