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Vietnamese Constitutional Monarchist League (VCML), (Vietnamese: Liên Minh Quân Chủ Lập Hiến Đa Nguyên Việt Nam). It is a United States-based organization dedicated to promoting the replacement of the current communist government of Vietnam with a constitutional monarchy led by the President Nguyễn Phúc Bửu Chánh. The League's position is that Emperor Bao Dai was the last legitimate ruler of Vietnam.


The Vietnamese Constitutional Monarchist League is an anti-communist organization that was established in 1993 by its first President Nguyễn Phúc Bửu Chánh, a member of the Vietnamese royal family who fled from Vietnam for political reasons after 1975. The children of Vietnam's last ruling monarch, Emperor Bảo Đại, now living in Europe have not offered their support to his political endeavors.

In 1997, Emperor Bảo Đại died, and his son Crown Prince Bảo Long inherited the position of head of the Nguyễn Dynasty. He remained out of politics and lived quietly in Paris, France until his death on 28 July 2007 and was succeeded as Head of the Imperial House by his brother, Prince Bảo Thang.

Although the Vietnamese Constitutional Monarchist League wishes to restore the Nguyễn Dynasty to the throne under a constitutional monarchy, as in Cambodia and Thailand, neither the late Crown Prince Bảo Long nor his brother Prince Bảo Thang supports their political aspirations.


The Vietnamese Constitutional Monarchist League members consist of former officials of the South Vietnamese government, religious figures, Vietnamese exiles, and sympathizers from the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.

The League has contacts with royal family members in Vietnam, that have been organizing grassroot efforts for years to spread and unify supporters in Vietnam to politically pressure the government of Vietnam for a multi-party system that would guarantee equal treatment for all citizens regardless of political party, religion or ethnicity.

The Vietnamese Constitutional Monarchist League believes in politically pressuring the Communist government of Vietnam to reach it goals so the Vietnamese people would have the opportunity to choose a Constitutional Monarchy government in an election, which does not violate the U.S. Neutrality Act[disambiguation needed].


The Vietnamese Constitutional Monarchist League has a budget consisting of donations from Vietnamese exiles living in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.

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