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The Vietnamese animation (Vietnamese: Hoạt hình Việt Nam) began in 1959 when the Vietnam Animation Studio was formed by a group of young animators (Ngô Mạnh Lân, Lê Minh Hiền, Hồ Quảng, Trương Qua...) who were educated in the Soviet Union.


1958 - 1975[edit]

1976 - 1985[edit]

1986 - 2000[edit]

2001 - 2010[edit]

2011 - present[edit]

Vietnamese Animation Studio continues producing 8-10 cartoons a year, most of them are traditionally drawn or by computer and a lot of animations by students groups and small studios. With the rising Vietnamese comics industry in 2010s, Vietnamese animation is hoped to rise soon and catch up Thailand.

Since 2016, animation in Vietnam has seen a significant improvement in 3D animation techniques, thanks to independent animation studios such as Colory Animation or Red Cat Motion. Besides, 2D animation has also had a noticeable change, with the example of DeeDee Animation Studio. Because of the production costs of animation in Vietnam is relatively lower than the global average, Vietnaemse animation studios are usually selected as the outsourcing partners for international animation projects. Additionally, using animated videos also becomes a preferred video marketing strategy for several major brands in Vietnam, such as MILO or Lifebuoy.

In late 2018, POPS Worldwide, with the funding from Lifebuoy, publish the animated series "The Silver iOn Squad", produced by DeeDee Animation Studio.[1]

In early 2019, DeeDee Animation Studio also premieres the animated short film "Broken Being: Prequel" on social media channels. The film is positively received by the media and newspapers, such as Dan Tri, Vietnamnet, Tien Phong, etc., who all claim that the film is "the first animated film in Vietnam that targets adults".[2] Meanwhile, according to Dan Tri, "the animated film "Broken Being: Prequel" has changed the animation scene in Vietnam".[3]





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