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The Vietnamese animation (Vietnamese: Hoạt hình Việt Nam) began in 1959 when the Vietnam Animation Studio was formed by a group of young animators (Ngô Mạnh Lân, Lê Minh Hiền, Hồ Quảng, Trương Qua...) who were educated in the Soviet Union.


1958 - 1975[edit]

1976 - 1985[edit]

1986 - 2000[edit]

2001 - 2010[edit]

2011 - present[edit]

Vietnamese Animation Studio continues producing 8-10 cartoons a year, most of them are traditionally drawn or by computer and a lot of animations by students groups and small studios. With the rising Vietnamese comics industry in 2010s, Vietnamese animation is hoped to rise soon and catch up Thailand.




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