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Vietnam has 22 military schools training officers for all branches, agencies, units belongs to the Ministry of Defence (Vietnam). Which has 19 schools enroll high school-level institutions, non-commissioned officers and soldiers. National Defense Academy of Vietnam in Hanoi only enrolls military officers have graduated from the Military Academy in middle level. Dalat Army Academy enrolls officers just graduated from officer school: Tran Quoc Tuan University, Nguyen Hue University,... Political Academy in Ha Dong only enrolls officers have graduated from the Political Officer School and the Officer Academies and other institutions in the military.

Organizationally, there are 06 main Academies and 02 Army Officer Universities belongs to the Ministry of Defence (Vietnam); other schools made regular members of the General Department, the Branches, the Arms and Border Defense Force command.

Depend on the responsibilities, duties and training officers on the scale and properties of military warfare that the Vietnamese Military Academies are assigned as follows:

  • National Defense Academy is a high-ranking military academy to trains campaign-strategy level officers;
  • The rest are middle-ranking military academy to train officers for the campaign, tactical team-army soldiers;
  • The Officers schools are primary to train officers for tactical team (platoon, company, battalion).

List of Academies[edit]

Vietnam People's Army
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Ministry of Defence
Vietnam People's Army General Staff insignia.jpgGeneral Staff
Vietnam People's Army insignia.png Ground Force
Vietnam People's Air Force insignia.png Air Force
Vietnam People's Navy insignia.png Navy
Vietnam Border Defense Force insignia.jpg Border Guard
Vietnam Marine Police insignia.jpg Coast Guard
Ranks of the Vietnamese Military
Ground Force ranks and insignia
Air Force ranks and insignia
Navy ranks and insignia
Border Guard ranks and insignia
Coast Guard ranks and insignia
History of the Vietnamese Military
History of Vietnamese military ranks
Military history of Vietnam




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