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Vietnamese noodles
A bowl of phở
Place of originVietnam

Vietnamese cuisine includes many types of noodles. These are often served in soup but are also served directly.

Noodles by ingredients[edit]

Vietnamese noodles are available in either fresh (tươi) or dried (khô) form.

Noodle dishes[edit]

Hot noodle soups[edit]

  • Bánh canh - a soup made with bánh canh noodles
  • Bún bò Huế - signature noodle soup from Huế, consisting of rice vermicelli in a beef broth with beef, lemon grass, and other ingredients
  • Bún bung - soup made with tomato, Alocasia odora, green papaya, tamarind, green onions and pork.[1]
  • Bún mắm - vermicelli noodle soup with a heavy shrimp paste broth
  • Bún ốc - tomato and snail based noodle soup topped with scallions[2]
  • Bún riêu - rice vermicelli soup with meat, tofu, tomatoes, and congealed boiled pig blood.
  • Bún chả cá - vermicelli soup with fried fishcake
  • Bún sứa - noodles with jellyfish
  • Bún thang - soup made with shredded chicken meat, shredded fried egg, shredded steam pork cake, and various vegetables[1]
  • Cao lầu - signature noodle dish from Hội An consisting of yellow wheat flour noodles in a small amount of broth, with various meats and herbs.
  • Hủ tiếu - a soup made with bánh hủ tiếu and egg noodles. This dish was brought over by the Teochew immigrants (Hoa people).
  • Mì Quảng - signature noodle dish from Quảng Nam, yellow wheat flour noodles in a small amount of broth, with various meats and herbs.
  • Phở - bánh phở in a broth made from beef and spices
  • Súp mì - yellow wheat noodle soup with pork-based broth. Similar to wonton noodle soup.

Dry noodle dishes[edit]

Hot noodle rolls[edit]

Cold rice paper rolls[edit]

Hot noodle sheets[edit]

Special events[edit]

Spicy beef and noodles is a very popular combination for weddings.[citation needed] Mì Quảng is served on various occasions such as family parties, death anniversaries, and Tết.

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