Vietnamese people in Finland

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Vietnamese people in Finland
Total population
  • 10,817[1]
  • 5,603 Vietnamese citizens[2]
Regions with significant populations
Helsinki and Turku[3]
Vietnamese, Finnish
Mahayana Buddhism[4] and Roman Catholicism
Related ethnic groups
Vietnamese people in Norway and other overseas Vietnamese

Vietnamese people in Finland form one of the country's largest groups of Southeast Asian people. According to Statistics Finland, in 2017 there are 10,817 people with a Vietnamese background, 9,872 people whose mother tongue is Vietnamese[5], 8,012 people who have been born in Vietnam, and 5,603 people with Vietnamese citizenship[2] residing in Finland. The Vietnamese-Finnish community includes both ethnic Vietnamese and Sino-Vietnamese.[6]




The majority of the Vietnamese in Finland are Mahayana Buddhist, with a 12% Christian minority.[7]



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