Vieux-Québec–Cap-Blanc–colline Parlementaire

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Old Quebec - Cape Blanc - Parliament Hill
Quartier (district)
The district, as seen from the Bassin Louise.
The district, as seen from the Bassin Louise.
The district highlighted in blue, within its borough.
The district highlighted in blue, within its borough.
Arrondissement (Borough)La Cité-Limoilou
Ville (City)Quebec City
Old Quebec, with the Édifice Price at the top left, in Upper Town.

Vieux-Québec–Cap-Blanc–Colline-Parlementaire is one of the 35 districts of the City of Quebec, and one of six that are located in the borough of La Cité-Limoilou. This area is certainly the most visited and most toured in the city. It is in this partly fortified area where a building that symbolizes Canada to the world, the Château Frontenac, is found, with its large terrace overlooking the city of Lévis just across the Saint Lawrence River. Dozens of cafes, tourist shops, restaurants, hotels and inns are found here.

Portrait of the neighbourhood[edit]

The district comprises four distinct areas within the centre of Quebec City:


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Rue du Petit-Champlain near Place Royale.

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There are no longer any public schools in the district, due to the small number of families with children living there. The few private schools that are there serve clients who live almost exclusively outside the city center.

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Coordinates: 46°48′36″N 71°12′36″W / 46.81000°N 71.21000°W / 46.81000; -71.21000