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3D Viewer
View 3D icon.png
Early version of Mixed Reality Viewer, known as View 3D at the time, in Windows 10 1703
Early version of Mixed Reality Viewer, known as View 3D at the time, in Windows 10 1703
Other namesMixed Reality Viewer, View 3D
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
Type3D modeling

3D Viewer (formerly Mixed Reality Viewer and before that, View 3D)[1][2][3] is a minimalist 3D object viewer that was first included in Windows 10 1703. It supports the .fbx, .3mf, .obj, and .stl file formats.[4]

On the first 3D Viewer automatically loads a "Bee.glb" file and renders an animated bee on a gray background. Users can change the viewing angle, select and watch one of the available animations (defined in the 3D file) or adjust either of the 3 light sources. The light setup can be saved as "themes" and applied to other 3D objects quickly. The app also features four "Quick Animations". These are ways in which the app can showcase the 3D object by changing the viewing angle. For example, the "Turntable" item rotates the view point around the object latitudinally. If the device running the app is equipped with a camera, the app can create a mixed reality render.

3D Viewer can post a file to the Remix 3D website, open it in Paint 3D, or send it to the Print 3D app (formerly 3D Builder) for 3D printing.[5]


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