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Privately held
Industry internet
Founded Dallas, U.S. (2006)
Founder Brandon Cotter, Chris Mancini
Defunct December 28, 2010
Headquarters Dallas, Texas, U.S.
Owner Brandon Cotter and others
Number of employees

Viewzi was a search engine company based in Dallas, Texas that developed a highly visual experience that tailored the way users look at information based on what they are looking for.[1] The search engine lightened the data overload by filtering and grouping results into several distinct interfaces. Users got over 16 "views" for their search including MP3 view (with a list of streaming audio you can play), album view (cover art and related musicians), plus specialized lenses for images, news, and more.[2]

How It Worked[edit]

A project that is said to have been in the works for roughly two years, Viewzi, is a visual search utility - or “platform,” as its engineers prefer to call it - transferred to beta stage in April, 2008.[3] Instead of providing a single list of results in a set form for search requests, as Google does, Viewzi provides different “views” that are tailored to the request being made.[4] The service loads in browsers such as Firefox, Safari, and IE 7 and requires Flash 9.[5]


Viewzi has raised over $2MM in seed funding, and will be looking for its first full venture round in 2008.[4] As of December 28, 2010, Viewzi's website announced that the search engine had not been under development since 2008, and had been closed down.


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