Vigdis Sigmundsdóttir

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Vigdis Sigmundsdóttir
Born (1954-03-01) 1 March 1954 (age 64)

Vigdis Sigmundsdóttir (born 1 March 1934) is an artist from the Faroe Islands, known internationally for producing a collage of 12 motives from Ormurin Langi (The Long Serpent) that resulted in a series of stamps from Postverk Føroya released in 2006.


Sigmundsdóttir is a born artist, and started already as a child to draw, aquarelle and paint on canvas. As a child of the faroese painter Sigmund Petersen, she had favourable surroundings for developing as an artist. Lately she has mainly concentrated on colorful paper collages. As collages has become her passion, she has developed her own style and inspiration from the particular light and weather on the Faroe Islands.

She is a part of an artistic family, and her sister BIBI, niece Aggi Ásgerð Ásgeirsdóttir and niece Vígdis Petersen are artists.

Sigmundsdóttir moved to the island Suðuroy which is the most southern part of Faroe Islands.


  • 1956: Graduated as a Nurse from Randers Centralsygehus
  • 1960s: Attended courses on artistic drawing and painting at the School of Art in Randers
  • 1972: Graduated as an Indoor Architect from Arkitekt Akademiet in Copenhagen
  • 1980: Attended drawing and painting courses at the Nordic House in Tórshavn


Gallery - Ormurin langi (The Long Serpent)[edit]

Below are some of the art works with motives from the old Faroese ballad "Ormurin langi", which Sigmundsdóttir has created. They were used in a series of Faroese Stamps by Postverk Føroya in 2006.

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