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Viggo Fausböll

Michael Viggo Fausböll (22 September 1821 - 3 June 1908) was a Danish pioneer of Pāli scholarship.

Fausböll was a Professor of Sanskrit in Copenhagen. His version of the Dhammapada was the basis for the first translation of this text into English, by Max Müller in Vol. 10 of the Sacred Books of the East.


Fausböll's translations include:

Fausböll also wrote:

  • Indian mythology according to the Mahabharata. (London: Luzac, 1903; reprinted as Indian mythology according to the Indian epics, New Delhi: Cosmo, 1981)[2]


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Fausböll, V. (trans.) (1881). The Sutta Nipata (Vol. X of The Sacred Books of the East). Oxford: Clarendon Press. Retrieved 11 Nov. 2008 from "Sacred Texts" at[permanent dead link]