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Background information
Origin Chile
Genres Aggrotech, industrial metal
Years active 2005 - present
Labels Twilight Records
Cleopatra Records[1]
Black Rain Records
Irond Records
Deathwatch Asia Records Records
Members Iván Muñoz

Vigilante is an Electronic producer from Chile.


Ivan Muñoz (aka Vigilante) is one of the most important Electronic music artists & DJs to emerge from South America.

Following in the footsteps of giants like Celldweller, Zardonic, The Qemists or Pendulum, Vigilante’s music is flawlessly blending Electronic and Metal sound and has already succeeded in gaining a worldwide recognition and following from both audiences through his releases and shows.

A multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer, producer and style destroyer, Vigilante has worked with a number of legendary artists on remixes or collaborated with their members on original material, From remixing hip hop gods Public Enemy or Industrial legends Ministry, to collaborate with metal heads Jed Simon (Strapping Young lad) and Baard Torstensenor (Clawfinger) or industrial legends John Bechdel (Ministry) and Hanin Elias (Atari Teenage Riot).

And as expected of course, Vigilante’s success hasn’t only been greeted with enthusiasm only by his fast growing fanbase. Some of the music industry’s leading companies like Presonus, Sennheiser, Keith McMillen, Arturia and Fernandes Guitars (among others), also took notice and have all offered their support to Vigilante’s music numerous times by sponsoring his efforts and helping his ideas come to fruition.

As for his shows, whether DJ-ing or performing live, Vigilante always delivers an enormous amount of energy and intensity which will get any concert hall or club bouncing and moving. And if having played on some of Europe’s most important festivals (Electron, Wave Gotik Treffen, Montreux Jazz Festival and more) or sharing stages with Nine Inch Nails or Die Krupps isn’t enough proof of what Vigilante’s shows have to offer, then you better catch him live next time he hits the road with his new tour.

In 2016 With the support of Big time producers like ZARDONIC, RIDO or VOICIANS or bands like THE QEMISTS or EMPEROR, Vigilante take one step forward on his constant evolution and will release his 4th studio album called " Turning Point" mixing in perfect balance elements of Electronic Rock, Drum and bass, Electro and Dubstep creating a powerful combo that will blast every venue and club on his way.

Highlights from the album are "We are one" remixed by Tim Ismag and "Illumination" with guest vocals from famous Drum & Bass MC Kryptomedic.

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Singles & EPs

  • 2006: Juicio Final
  • 2010: Prison Break
  • 2011: Army of Time
  • 2015: We are one
  • 2016: Illumination Ft. Kryptomedic

Compilations & Other

  • 2007: Resistir
  • 2009: Life Is A Battlefield
  • 2012: Revolution Is Now

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Other work[edit]


  • 2005: (AE)quilibrium / Man vs Machine (Mutant-e Records)
  • 2005: El Nuevo Rock (Bolchevique Records)
  • 2005: Electromap>>Latam (NullRepublik Records)
  • 2005: Gothic CD 31 (Gothic Magazine)
  • 2005: Industrial Chaos (Stigma Records)
  • 2005: Industrial Gothic Assault (Stigma Records)
  • 2005: Interbreeding VII: The Flesh Harvest / Natural Enemies (BLC Records)
  • 2005: Zillo CD 10/05 (Zillo Magazine)
  • 2006: Interbreeding VIII: Elements of Violence (BLC Records)
  • 2007: A Compilation Vol. 2 (Black Rain Records / Gravitator Records)
  • 2007: Dark People Vol. 1 (Still Alive Records/Feria Music)
  • 2007: Extreme degeneration Vol. 1 (Upscene Records)
  • 2007: Interbreeding X: Execution Chamber / Natural Enemies (BLC Records)
  • 2008: A Compilation Vol. 3 (Black Rain Records)
  • 2008: Vade Retro Machina (Phantasma 13 Records)
  • 2009: Help Can't Wait (Black Rain Records)


  • The Dreamside - Forsaken (vigilante Remix)

(Released in The Dreamside "The 13th Chapter" (Dancing Ferret))

  • IWR - Carnivore (Vigilante Remix)

(Released in IWR "Ground Zero" (Black Rain Records), V/A "Extreme Sündenfall Vol. 5" (Upscene Records))

  • Tyske Ludder - An vorderster Front (Vigilante Remix)

(Released in Tyske Ludder "Bombt die Mörder?" (Black Rain Records))

  • Siva Six - See the Six (Vigilante Remix)

(Released in Siva Six "Rise New Flesh" (Decadance Records))

  • Alien Product - Acceso Denegado (Vigilante Remix)

(Released in V/A "Endzeit Bunkertracks [Act II]" (Alpha Matrix Records))

  • Z Prochek - One Day (Vigilante Remix)

(Released in "V/A Infacted Vol. 3" (Infacted Records), "V/A - Dynamo Vol. 1" (Memento Materia Records))

  • Obszön Geschöpf - Erection Body Mutilated (Vigilante Remix)

(Released in Obszön Geschöpf - "Erection Body Mutilated" (BLC Music))

  • Die Krupps - Neue Helden (Vigilante Remix)

(Released in Die Krupps - "Volle Kraft Null Acht" (Synthetic Symphony Records))

  • XP8 - Our time (Vigilante Remix)

(Released in XP8 "Drop the Mask" (Deathwatchasia Records))

  • Acylum - Raise your Fist (Vigilante Remix)

(Released in Acylum "The Enemy" (Deathwatchasia Records))

  • Turmion Kätilöt - Arise (Vigilante Remix)

(Released in Turmion Kätilöt "USCH!"(Mutant-E Records))

  • Dope Stars Inc. - 21st Century Slave (Vigilante Remix)

(Released in Dope Stars Inc. "21st Century Slave" (Deathwatchasia Records))

  • Proyecto Crisis - La Traición (Vigilante Remix)

(Released in Proyecto Crisis “Made in Chile” (DSPB Records))

  • Funker Vogt - The State Within (Vigilante Remix)

(Released in Funker Vogt “Blutzoll” (Metropolis Records))

  • Xperiment - The Angels Fall First (Vigilante Remix)

(Released in Xperiment “Remix War” (Mutant-E Records))

  • Diverje - Evil Never Dies (Vigilante Remix)

(Released in Diverje “Evil Never Dies” (DSPB Records))


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