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Vignette (from the French for "little vine")[1] may refer to:

  • Vignette (graphic design), decorative designs in books (originally in the form of leaves and vines) to separate sections or chapters
  • Vignetting in photography, any process by which there is loss in clarity towards the corners and sides of an image
  • Vignette (entertainment), a sketch in a sketch comedy
  • Vignette (literature), short, impressionistic scenes that focus on one moment or give a particular insight into a character, idea, or setting
  • Vignette (road tax), a small, colored sticker affixed to motor vehicles in some European nations to indicate road tolls have been paid
  • Vignette Corporation, a Texas-based commercial software company
  • Vignette (vineyard), in viticulture, part of a larger consolidated vineyard
  • Vignette (philately), the central part of a stamp design
  • Vignette (psychology), a short description of an event, behavior or person used in a psychology experiment to control information provided to participants
  • Vignette, sometimes used to describe an image that is smaller than the original
  • Vignette (model), a form of diorama
  • Vignette (professional wrestling), a video package used to promote wrestling characters or storylines
  • Vignette (R programming language), Vignette (R) a long-form guide to your package, organized like a book chapter or an academic paper: it can describe the problem that your package is designed to solve, and then show the reader how to solve it.
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