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Vigor Industrial LLC
Industry Shipbuilding and Shiprepair
Headquarters Portland, Oregon
Number of locations
Area served
North America
Revenue $400 million to $500 million (2013)[1]
Owner Frank Foti
Number of employees
1,800[2] (2013)
Subsidiaries Vigor Fab
Vigor Alaska
Vigor Marine
Washington Marine Repair
Vigor Shipyards
Vigor Machine
Oregon Iron Works
Specialty Finishes
Vigor Ballard

Vigor Industrial (Vigor) is an American shipbuilding, shiprepair, and industrial service provider in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Based in Portland, Oregon, the company consists of several subsidiary companies for a combined total of seven facilities with ten drydocks, more than 17,000 feet of pier space, and over 2,000 employees.[3]


In the Northwest the company history goes back nearly 100 years, with Todd Pacific in Washington and Kaiser Shipyard in Oregon. In 1916 the Harbor Island facility in Seattle began operations as Todd Pacific Shipyards. In 1942 the Swan Island facility in Portland began operations as Kaiser Shipyards. In 1995, Vigor Industrial owner, Frank Foti bought Cascade General on the verge of bankruptcy from its previous owners, operating on leased space from the Port of Portland shipyard. With funding from the then-publicly traded Cammell Laird PLC in the UK, Transamerica Capital and Heller Capital, the Swan Island facility was purchased from the port in 2000 and the name Vigor Industrial was established. In 2002, Vigor Industrial expanded operations to Port Angeles, WA with its subsidiary Washington Marine Repair. In 2010, purchased Marine Industries Northwest (MINI) in Tacoma, WA. In 2011 they purchased Todd Pacific's operations in Seattle, Bremerton, and Everett. In 2012 they acquired Alaska Ship & Drydock in Ketchikan, Alaska.[4][5][6]

In May 2014, the company announced that it was merging with Oregon Iron Works, another manufacturer based in the Portland area.[2][1][7] Although both companies referred to it as a "merger", the deal made Oregon Iron Works a division of Vigor,[2] a wholly owned subsidiary.[7]

In March 2015, Vigor Industrial acquired Seattle-based aluminum workboat manufacturer Kvichak Marine Industries.[8]

Vigor Industrial companies[edit]

Vigor Industrial has several subsidiary companies which each focus on different specialties:

  • Vigor Fab is Vigor's Pacific Northwest new-build subsidiary serving the needs of maritime customers from its facilities in Portland, OR, and Seattle and Everett, WA.[9]
  • Vigor Alaska or provides new-build, heavy fabrication, ship repair, and maintenance services in Ketchikan, Alaska.[9]
  • Vigor Marine specializes in Commercial ship repair in Portland, OR, and Seattle, Tacoma and Everett, WA with the ability to mobilize teams to anywhere they are needed, including Hawaii.
  • Washington Marine Repair provides resources for topside repair in Port Angeles, WA.
  • Vigor Shipyards handles maintenance for the Navy and Coast Guard in Seattle, Everett, and Bremerton, WA.
  • Vigor Machine offers turbine and machining services from its facility in Portland, OR as well as on-site at customers' locations.
  • Specialty Finishes and its Specialty Marine Decking unit provide industrial coating and marine decking services.
  • Oregon Iron Works (acquired in 2014)
  • Vigor Ballard is a Seattle, WA-based shipyard which provides new-build small vessel for government agencies or forces, its predecessor is Kvichak Marine.


Vigor Industrial has five Washington locations in Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Bremerton and Port Angeles. They also have locations in Portland, Oregon and Ketchikan, Alaska. The seven facilities have a combined total of 10 drydocks and more than 17,000 feet in pier space and detailed in the table below.[10]

Location Established Acres Drydocks Piers Cranes
Seattle, Washington 1916 27.0 2 with up to 18,000 LT lift capacity 6 with 3,000 ft 12 whirley up to 150t
Portland, Oregon 1942 60.0 3 with up to 30,000 LT lift capacity 15 with 10,000+ ft 17 Whirley up to 134t, 1 Gantry up to 600t
Everett, Washington 1947 3.6 2 with 1,200 ft 7 up to 45t
Tacoma, Washington 1976 5.0 2 with up to 2,800 LT lift capacity 2 with 600 ft 4 up to 55t
Ketchikan, Alaska 1987 16.5 2 with up to 10,000 LT lift capacity 1 with 1,000 ft 3 up to 150t
Bremerton, Washington 1986
Operates out of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyards
Port Angeles, Washington 1998 2 with 1,400 ft 5 up to 200t

Recent builds[edit]

Year Completed Vessel Type Vessel Name Yard Weight, t
In production Vehicle & Passenger Ferry Chimacum Seattle
In production Tugboat Crown Point Portland
In production Tugboat Granite Point Portland
In production Tugboat Hull 21 Portland
In production ATB Tank Barge Hull 22 Portland
In production ATB Tank Barge Hull 23 Portland
In production Split Hull Hopper Barge Freedom Portland 1,325
2016 Unmanned anti-submarine drone ship ACTUV Portland 140


2015 Vehicle & Passenger Ferry MV Samish Seattle 3,920
2014 Vehicle & Passenger Ferry MV Tokitae Seattle 3,920
2014 Factory Longliner Arctic Prowler Ketchikan
2013 Concrete Wear Deck Barge Iliuliuk Bay Portland 1,650
2013 Moorage Barge Portland
2012 Covered Paper Barge Hull 73 Portland 527
2011 Vehicle & Passenger Ferry MV Kennewick Portland 2,296
2011 Vehicle & Passenger Ferry MV Salish Portland 2,296
2011 Fuel Barge Betsy Arntz Portland 1,306
2011 Fuel Barge Cauneq Portland 225
2011 Ferry Ken Eichner 2 Ketchikan
2010 Vehicle Passenger Ferry MV Chetzemoka Seattle 2,296
2010 Fuel Barge Anne Elizabeth Portland 1,306
2010 SLICE Ferry Susitna Ketchikan
2010 Fuel Barge Sixty-Five Roses Portland 3,317
2009 Fuel Barge Nathan Schmidt Portland 1,306
2009 Fuel Barge Lily Blair Portland 1,306
2009 Fuel Barge Bernie Briere Portland 1,306
2009 Deck Barge Ha'aheo Portland 2,541
2009 Tank Barge Coal Harbor No. 5 Ketchikan
2008 Fuel Barge David Fanning Portland 2,541
2008 Crane Barge Left Coast Lifter Portland 3,337
2008 Deck Barge Kala 'enalu Portland 2,541
2008 Deck Barge Maka'ala Portland 2,541
2008 Excavator Barge OLM-0033 Seattle
2007 Deck Barge Hou'omaka Hou Portland 2,541
2003 Bridge Tower Cutting Foundation Caisson 11 Seattle
2002 Ferry Oral Freeman Ketchikan
1999 Power Barge Margarita II Seattle
1998 Vehicle & Passenger Ferry MV Wenatchee Seattle
1998 Vehicle & Passenger Ferry MV Puyallup Seattle
1997 Vehicle & Passenger Ferry MV Tacoma Seattle



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