Vigrahapala III

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Vigrahapala III
The Ruler of pala dynasty
Reign 1055–1070
Predecessor Naya Pala
Successor Mahipala II
House Pala Emperor
Religion Buddhism

Vigrahapala III (1055 - 1070 CE) was the successor to the Pala king Nayapala, and twelfth ruler of the Pala line reigning for 15 years. He was succeeded by Mahipala II.[1]

During the reign of Nayapala's son Vigrahapala III, the Kalachuri king Karna once again invaded Bengal but was defeated. The conflict ended with a peace treaty, and Vigrahapala III married Karna's daughter Yauvanashri. Vigrahapala III was later defeated by the invading Chalukya king Vikramaditya VI. The invasion of Vikramaditya VI saw several soldiers from South India into Bengal, which explains the southern origin of the Sena Dynasty. Vigrahapala III also faced another invasion led by the Somavamsi king Mahasivagupta Yayati of Orissa. Subsequently, a series of invasions considerably reduced the power of the Palas. The Varmans occupied eastern Bengal during his reign.

During his reign, the emergent Sena dynasty seize Radha from the Palas beginning the decline of their power in the region.

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Preceded by
Pala Emperor
1055–1070 CE
Succeeded by
Mahipala II